Why is Privacy Important On the Internet?

Why is Privacy Important On the Internet?

Why is privacy important on the internet? This question can attack to your mind. This is most important and helpful topic to us. You will going to get lots of knowledge from this article.

We use lots of difficult password to maintain our privacy. I want to tell you that if you are available in the internet then someone is watching you data it can be Google, Microsoft, Facebook etc. But we know that they are trusted and they don’t publish our data.

We want to safe our data from hacker and also from the those person and company so that they can’t use our data to illegal activity. Now a days our lots of work is done in internet.

In general I can tell you that if we don’t protect our privacy then your data can be use in illegal purpose. So, you need to keep safe our internet data. Let’s know in detail the importance of internet or data privacy.

Why is privacy important on the internet?

Why is privacy important on the internet

I told you before in brief that why privacy is important? but here I will tell you in detail and point wise so that you can understand perfectly. Now a days govt. all over the world takes important decision to protect our privacy. You don’t know that how much important of your privacy.

A person can know everything about your like your likes, dislikes, what you works in internet etc everything. So I am telling you again keep safe your data.

1# Importance in social media

We all use social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter etc. If someone hack our data then he can do illegal activity like fake account in social media. By getting our information, a person can easily make a spam call to any one. Getting privacy information is a political party can motivate you according to your interest.

A person and a political party can know your interest after watching your likes your Facebook and what types of website you are visiting.

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2# Safe yourself in internet

I told you that after getting information a hacker can use those for a illegal propose. By taking your personal information a hacker make fake id in different field. And they can use it to hacking also.

So, be safe yourself and don’t use your email and password in unknown and unreputed place. Did you know It is easy to know any emails mobile number after hacking that. And they can make spam call using your number.

3# Safe personal information and identity

After hacking your Facebook, Gmail etc a person can easily know your personal information like your address. What is your location now? I mean they can trace you easily. To protect your personal information it is too important to maintain our privacy.


I hope you understand why is privacy important on the internet? I am telling you again that don’t use your email to unknown place. And it is also not safe to login using your Facebook account. Use email to login or sign up to any game or any application.

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