Importance of Whatsapp Two Step Verification. How to Enable Easily?

Importance of Whatsapp Two Step Verification. How to Enable Easily?

Is Whatsapp two step verification is important for us? Read this article till end to know whole the important things which I am going to tell you. In this article I will tell you most important and unknown things to you.  Not only importance of two step verification but I will tell you the enable process also.

Now a days Whatsapp is very popular massaging application. It was developed by Brian Acton and Jan koum in 2009. They both was employees of Yahoo.

Whatsapp provide us lots of features like status, group massaging, massage with video and images. We can easily make video and voice call also. To develop our security, Whatsapp provides us Two step verification and End to end encryption.

In this article we will discuss about the importance of Whatsapp two step verification. This discussion will be very important for you.

Importance of Whatsapp Two Step Verification

whatsapp two step verification
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Important of two step verification is not too much like faceboo or gmail. Because it is an application which is installed to your phone and it is completely connected with your mobile phone. No one can use your facebook account without your permission.

And also no one can open your Whatsapp account to their mobile because at the time of create account, the Whatsapp will send you a verification code to your mobile number.

I am not telling that “Whatsapp two step verification” is not important but it’s importance is less. I am discussing this topic in some point. I hope this will be very useful.

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1# Helpful when you stolen your mobile

This two step verification is most useful when your mobile phone is stolen. When you stolen your mobile and your sim is not blocked and if the thief wants to create account using your number, he can’t because when he try to create whatsapp account, then whatsapps shows to enter the six digit code, which you put at the time to active the two step verification.

In this case this option will be vary helpful to you.

2# Helpful when your sim card is lost

When you lost your sim card call the customer and block it. If you don’t block it and your lost sim card has a whatsapp account then this authentication will be vary helpful for you guys.

If someone want to create account using your number then he can’t because of the two step authentication. In this case the two step authentication also helpful to you.

3# If your mobile phone or sim card is hacked

This is very rare case. But it is not very hard to hack any sim card and mobile. If someone hacked your mobile phone and he sing your mobile phone.

If the hacker wants to create whatsapp account using your number, the hacker can’t because of the two step verification. The whatsapp will ask to put the six digit pin, you sated at the time of activation of two step verification.

At last two step for whatsapp is important but not like facebook, gamil etc. My suggestion is that use it. It will help you to increase our whatsapp security.

Note: The 6 digit two step verification code don’t tell to another.

Enable or Activate the Two Step Verification

To activate the “Whatsapp two step verification”, follow the given below steps one by one. This process is very easy.

1) At first, click on the three dot button, shown in the right up corner.

Whatsapp two step verification

2) After then go to the setting option.

Whatsapp two step verification

3) Then click the accounts option to go to the two step verification option.

Whatsapp two step verification

4) Then click the Two-step verification.

Whatsapp two step verification

5) Click the enable option.

Whatsapp two step verification

6)  Then put the 6 digit pin according to your choice and click next. Don’t choose a very easy pin.

Whatsapp two step verification

8) And then put the same pin code to confirm your pin and click next.

Whatsapp two step verification

9) At last put your email address and click next. Don’t skip this option because this email address will be helpful at the time to reset the 6 digit pin.

Whatsapp two step verification

10) At last click done.

The process to enable the two step verification is completed. I hope you can enable this option easily.


I hope you understand this article completely and you will enable this Whatsapp two step verification. It is helpful and it creates our strong whatsapp security.

If you find this article is very important then you can share it to another. And if you have any kind of question regarding this article you can ask me freely.

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