7 Magic Features Comes With Whatsapp Latest Version Update

7 Magic Features Comes With Whatsapp Latest Version Update

Whatsapp latest version update will be available now. In the new version of Whatsapp will can enjoy lots of amazing features. In this article I am going to tell you what are the 5 new features, Whatapp added to their app. And also the two most interesting feature, which will going to add soon.

One of the popular social media, Whatsapp has lots of features to give an amazing feature to their user. The amazing features, smooth chatting services of Whatsapp makes the most popular online messing application.

If you didn’t updated you mobile phone, you should update your Whatsapp now then you can enjoy these amazing feature. You can download the latest version Whatsapp from the given below play store download link or you can update your Whatsapp by going to the Google play store directly.

WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp Messenger
Developer: WhatsApp Inc.
Price: Free

OK, I hope you updated your Whatsapp. Now, let’s know the features in detail and I will also tell you how can you enjoy these or what settings you need to do.

5 Features Comes With Whatsapp Latest Version Update

I will give you the detail of all this features and doing process. I hope you will understand nicely.

1# Group Video Calling

Whatsapp is a one of the most popular plat form where we use video calling feature. Now Whatsapp new version comes with group video calling feature. Now we can enjoy video calling with your lot of friends together in Whatsapp.

This feature is amazing where we can interact with more then two person. But this feature has a limitation, here you can enjoy only video call only maximum four person. If someone want to quite he can, the video call will be continue. Now, lets know what is the process to enjoy video call in group.

  • To make a group video call, At first make a video call with one person then you will see the contact list option on the right corner, click there to add contact.

Whatsapp latest version update

  • Then select the person which you want to add in your video call. And do the same process again if you want to add other person.

Whatsapp latest version update

NOTE: To do the group video call make sure that all whatsapp are latest or updated version.

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2# Group Voice Calling

We all make voice call not only from our mobile directly but Whatsapp also. As I see Whatapp voice calling feature also going to popular but It is not popular like the video call. I also sometimes use this feature, not regularly. But it is a good news for all of us that we can enjoy voice with more then one person at the same time.

If we talk about the process, it is same like group video calling.

  • At first you need call a person and when call is connected then tap the add contact icon shown in the top right corner.
  • Then add the contact. The added contact will be shown with comma.

Whatsapp latest version update

3# Only Admin Can Message On Group

I am sure that we all have at least one Whatsapp group. We all use Whatsapp group for share valuable information to the group of particular person. In the Whatsapp new feature if you are a admin of your group then only you can message in this group but other member can see these message but they can’t.

This is also a amazing feature right? So, how can you set up this? This is easy, let’s know.

  • Simply go to the Whatsapp and click the group.
  • The click the group name bar.

Whatsapp latest version update

  • Then you will find the option Group setting, simply click there.

Whatsapp latest version update

  • Then click the Send Messages option and the select the Only admins.

This process is complete now only you I mean admin can message can in the group.

4# Whatsapp Report

Now whatsapp comes with report feature in the Whatsapp latest version update. So, what is this report features? I am telling you. Whatapp report feature is that you can get report of your whole activity in whatsapp till now and whole account information.

In my view it is a very good feature. You just need to do a simple process to to get report of your work.

  • Go to your whatsapp then click the three dot, shown in the top right corner. And then go to the Setting.

Whatsapp latest version update

  • Then Go to the Account option and then click the option Request account info. 

Whatsapp latest version update

  • At last click the Export Report.

Whatsapp account Report

After doing this process the Whatsapp will show you the message with date. You just need to wait some days, you will get a notification when your report is prepared. Do the same process to collect the report.

5# Forward Message

Fake news in social media is crossed the limit. Specially in Facebook and Whatsapp we can tell the source of viral the fake news. Facebook and Whatsapp also makes lot of feature to protect us from fake news. This feature is one of them and it is also comes with the Whatsapp latest version update.

Whatsapp latest version update

In this system when you send a message to another then it will show simple message but if you forward a message then the message will go with the word forward. If you don’t understand please see the picture, given above.

6# Whatsapp Payment

The online payment feature will be available soon in your whatsapp. Online money transfer is already popular now a days, where Paytm ,BHIM, PhonePe etc. takes places in this field. Now Whatsapp will going to launch their online money transfer service.

Now you can transfer money at the time of chatting using a bank account. I am telling you that whatsapp will be the only one social media platform where we get the money transfer services. The transfer money will be shown in the message. The full procedure to transfer money will be told in this site after whatsapp full version update, keep update with us.

7# Spam Link Detect

Spam link can collect your data and our all information also. Now don’t worry about the suspicious, spam etc link because if you get any spam link in whatsapp then it will be shown in red color I mean the whatsapp will tell you about the link, you get in the message.

Don’t need to do any kind of setting for this.


This updates are in now beta version. You can use all the features in the Whatsapp latest version update. You can tell me what upcoming feature you love most. If you have any kind of question related to this topic you can freely ask me.

Also are you interested to get whatsapp latest version update? tell us in comment.

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