What is USB debugging mode? How to enable and disable?

What is USB debugging mode? How to enable and disable?

What is USB debugging mode?” this question can come to your mind when you go to the setting of your android phone and see this option. In this article I will tell you about the USB debugging feature on android phone. Here your doubt will be clear about this feature.

I am going to tell you what is USB debugging? What is it’s uses? and also how you can enable and disable this option? I hope this will be very helpful and informative article also.

So, without wasting time let’s know what is USB debugging and why it is important. At last I will tell you with picture how to enable and disable this USB debugging feature on your android phone.

What is USB debugging mode?

USB debugging option is a developer feature of android mobile. This option is seen in the developer feature. This feature is generally to connect your android phone with your PC. Simply, if you want to root your android mobile using your PC then you need to activate this USB debugging feature and if you are using a software in your computer and you need to connect the software with your android phone the you need to activate this USB debugging feature.

I want to tell you one important thing that the developer option is generally hidden in your phone you just need to activate this then you can use USB debugging feature. Don’t worry, I am going to tell you how you can activate the developer feature, just follow this given below steps.

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 Activate developer option

  • Go to the setting of to your phone.
  • And then go to the About Phone and find the Build number option.
  • Then tab the Build Number option at least five times. Then your developer option will be activated.
  • Go back and you can see developer option feature in your mobile setting.

I hope you understand how you can enable this developer option and now I am going to tell you how you can enable and disable USB Debugging easily.

How to enable USB debugging feature?

To enable this feature at first you need to activate the developer option, make sure that developer option is activate. If it is not activated the you can active, following steps given above. Let’s know the process to enable USB debugging.

1) Go to the Setting and the find the developer option then click there.

enable USB debugging feature

2) Then find the USB debugging option and simply check that.

enable USB debugging feature

NOTE : Before enable USB debugging option make sure that you mobile is connected with PC with USB. I mean after connecting your PC with USB, enable this option. 

This process is completed. Now let’s learn how to disable the USB debugging option.

How to disable USB debugging feature?

1) To disable go to the Setting and the find the developer option then click there.

2) Then go to the USB debugging option and simply uncheck that.

disable USB debugging

Now, it is completed. I hope you will find this tips is so simple and easy.


I hope you understand perfectly What is USB debugging mode? and also what is ti’s use and how can you enable and disable it. If you find this is useful and important also then you can help to another by sharing it. If you have any kind of question regarding this topic you can ask me.

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