What is the Windows Defender? Antivirus vs Windows Defender

What is the Windows Defender? Antivirus vs Windows Defender

This article is for every Windows computer user. In this article what is the Windows Defender? and I will compare Windows Defender with Antivirus security.

Every 80% Windows computer user heard the word Windows Defender in somewhere. But do you know what is the Windows Defender? and what is its work?, if no. Then this article will be useful and also helpful for you. In this article I will tell you in detail about windows defender and your all doubts will be clear in this article.

So, friend read this article till end, it will help you lot.

What is the Windows Defender?

What is the Windows Defender

Windows defender sometimes called the Windows defender antivirus. It works like a antivirus and its main work to watch the PC’s health and malware, PC’s performance, battery etc. whole things and notify to the user.

Windows Defender is first introduced in 2009 as a free security in windows computers. But now in windows 10 it plays very important part. It is free antivirus service for Windows user.

Let’s understand the windows defender with example. Just assume when you purchased a home the owner provides you a free home guard. He guards your home and if thief or robber entered your home he notify you. He don’t charge money, he just need daily meal. Now, you are the purchaser, the home guard is the windows defender and thief or robber is the malware, virus etc. The meal of the home guard was the energy, which the Defender consumes from your computer battery.

I hope you understand the windows defender. Now, lets look at the history of the Windows defender, which we should know.

Brief history

Windows Defender is developed by GIANT company software, Inc. The Microsoft released the Windows Defender in 2006. It supported in Windows XP only but in beta version.

After development of some functions the Windows Defender was provided in Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

In windows 8, Microsoft developed the Windows Defender into an antivirus program.

And in Windows 10 the Windows Defender comes with lots of amazing feature like virus protection, device protection and health performance checker, network protection, app and browser control.

I hope Windows Defender will come with new amazing protection feature, so that we don’t need to use any kind of antivirus program.

Collect source of Brief History: en.wikipedia.org


New Windows defender has lots of new and very useful features, which helps our computer to make safe. The features are given below.

1# Virus and threat protection 

Windows Defender provide us useful features to protect our computer from virus. The virus scanner scan our computer to detect virus or any kind of malware. It scan our computer inside and provide us the result and If virus is detected then Defender will notify us to resolve it.

It is really an amazing free service right?

2# Device performance and health

Windows Defender will give the report of your PC’s performance. If any issue is detected like battery performance issue, storage capacity issue, the windows is out of date then the Defender will notify you so that you can fix that.

This is the best part of the Windows Defender which I liked most. Defender will also tell you if he find any issue is your computer driver.

3# Firewall and network protection

It is very useful feature for internet user. Windows defender protects our computer when we use internet. it works as a internet security.

It alert us when we visit any kind of Unauthorized website or link and it give us firewall protection on our network . 

Note: Firewall is security of network system. It monitors and controls the incoming and outgoing network traffic. Firewall is a barrier between trusted internet network and untrusted internet network.

4# App & Browser control

Defender help to protect our device by checking for unorganized application and files. It also protect our device from malware attack.

It notify us if we are using any king malware based application and it protects our device.

These are the main features of Windows Defender. All these features are not available in all version of windows. Only available in the Windows 10.

Antivirus vs Windows Defender

What is the Windows Defender

Before I told you before “what is the Windows Defender”? Now, I am going to compare Windows Defender with Antivirus.

We are all familiar with antivirus. Antivirus is also a security protection program of third party developer. Here I will compare from different factor which will help you to understand better way.

1# Costs

In factor of costs the Windows Defender is absolutely free to use and we know that antivirus is costly.

Antivirus program is three types, first one is Antivirus, second one is Total security and third one is internet security. The price of the Antivirus is less then the total Security and Internet Security.

2# Performance

In case of performance both are provide us good performance. But Antivirus is the better in my point of view because it works faster then Defender.

Sometimes it seen that the Defender can’t detect heavy virus where an Antivirus can easily. In case of performance the defender need some improvement.

3# Security

In the security again Antivirus is the best. I am not telling you that Defender not providing us good performance, it is good but not give us performance like an Antivirus.

Antivirus not only protect our computer from virus but also it warns us from dangerous website link and it blocks malicious link, which makes our computer healthy.

I hope you will agree with me that antivirus program is better in case of security.

4# Privacy Protection

In the field of privacy protection Antivirus and Defender are all same in my view. They all provide us best performance. They all protect our computer from entering malicious link and all they protects our the internet connect with our laptop or desktop.

You can share your think that which is the better in the factor of privacy protect.

I hope your all doubts are cleared. One more thing you should know that Windows defender can enter our whole computer but Antivirus can’t. Defender can check our PC’s health and notify us if some issue is there.

What should we use (Antivirus or Windows Defender)?

This is the very important question can come to your mind. Now, I am going to clear this doubt. Before read this answer you should read “what is the Windows Defender”? so that you can understand this answer.

In some factor Antivirus plays good role like security, performance But in some factor like PC’s health checker, privacy protection, the Windows Defender is better.

I am using Antivirus in my laptop and my PC works so smoothly. So, in my experience I am telling you to use Antivirus. Don’t use both because you know that antivirus works inside in your computer, using the both Antivirus and Windows defender can be harmful for your PC’s processor and your PC can be slow.

One thing you need to know that any kind of PC protector program consumes energy from your PC and protector program effects on your PC.

I am strongly suggest you to use only one protector program for your PC. In my view Antivirus is best and If you want to use Antivirus total Security, it will be the perfect.

If you are using any windows computer then you should use Antivirus program. Sometimes Windows defender can’t protect your computer from strong virus.

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I hope this article will help you lot and hope you get the answer about what is the Windows Defender? I hope in future Windows Defender will come with new strong feature, so that we don’t need to use any antivirus.

What is your thinking about Windows Defender’s future update? you can tell me in comment. And one more thing, if you have any question and doubts you can ask me in comment.

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