What is Shell Program?

What is Shell Program?

All my programmer friends should know about Shell Program. It is directly related with Linux OS. If you want to get the full concept about Shell Program then you should read this article till end.

Before knowing about Shell Program, you should about Shell.

What is Shell?

This is a small Linux program. The Shell program is the interpreter through which you communicate with the operating system. When the command is typed at the shell prompt, it is interpreted and passed to the Linux kernel. The kernel, in turn, tells the computer what to do. The shell found in the most Linux distributions install by default is the base shell.

I hope you learn what is a shell.

What is Shell Program?

A “shell program” is the user interface to the computer system for the Linux OS. The interface accepts commands from the user and translate into a language that the operating system (Linux kernel) can understand. Even if you are using one of the graphical interface designed for the X windows system, you might still need to type commands at the shell prompt to start or stop a program.

Given below picture will help you to understand the process operation.

Shell Program

In step one the user types a command after the shell prompt and send it to the shell. The shell first determines whether the command is one of its built or if it is an application program. If the command is an application program, it must be located in one of the directories listed in the shell’s search path.

If the command is found, the shell interprets the command (look in step 2) and send to the kernel. The kernel, then tells the shell (step 3) to launch the application which it does as shown in step 4. After the application is running, the user communicates directly (step 5) while the shell (step 6) maintain the necessary data flow between the application and kernel. The default shell on all Linux distributions in the GNU.


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