What is Operating System And its Types?

What is Operating System And its Types?

What is operating system and its types?: We all used computer or mobile devices. Is is difficult to imagine our life without mobile or computer nowadays. But did you think how mobile works? Who instruct the hardware to do the particular works? Here operating system is used. In this article you are going to learn about OS (Operating System) and its types.

What is operating System

Operating system is a software which communicates with computer hardware. In this there are fundamental files which are required in the computer to boot up and perform other functions. Common desktop operating system is windows and Linux etc.

Through all the operating system is different but one thing is common among them is graphical user interface (GUI) which manage files and folders. The program is written for operating system can successfully run.

Simply, operating system is a group of programs that helps computer’s hardware to function together smoothly.

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What is operating system and its types

Types of operating system

1# Single User Operating System

Mainly the computers are used by single person and the operating system runs in the computer is called single user operating. This type of operating system is very easy to understand and to use. I can support only one user at a time.

2# Multi User Operating System

Multi User Operating System supports more then one user at the same time, means more then one user can access the computer at the same time and can work. This techniques is dependent on the network and many terminals are attested to the terminals are attested to the host computer through network.

3# Multi Programming Operating system

This techniques has been developed for the maximum use of CPU (Central Processing Unit). Many programs are available in the main memory of the computer. with this technique computers efficiency increased, many programs are available in the main memory but CPU executes only one program at the given time.

4# Network Operating system

Network operating system is a special types of an operating system, which controls the network. It is a single operating system is called share files are also available on central computer. This types of operating system supports the communication between the user and system. Novel Netwave and windows NT are the popular network operating system.

5# Time Sharing Operating system

Time sharing operating system gives direct access to the attached terminals from the main computer or server. The server (main computer) treat the program in memory in a circular queue. The operating system allocates fixed time to each program. It is in order of 0 to 100 milli seconds. Each programs is executed for a fixed time and as soon the allocated time to the program finished, the CPU execute another program. CPU is very fast, so user cannot feel that he is in queue.

6# Real Time operating system

A real time operating system accepts random enquiries from remote location with instantaneous response. The operating system instruct the computers to analyse the data and send appropriate answer back to the device. This type of systems are dynamic by nature because they accepts random input. In this status of the file change dynamically.

7# Multi-Tasking Operating System

Multi-tasking operating system has capability to run more than one program at a time. They run simultaneously, actually they switched between themselves. All the programs are scheduled by the operating system in such way that each program gets a slot of total time. For example: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, UNIX, Linux etc.

8# Multi-Processor Operating System

Multi processing operating system is capable of managing more than one CPU is allotted with a definite task. For example, one CPU retains over all control of the computer and other processor. In other approach a network of many computers are established and each system having one CPU and each computer is capable of communicating with other computer system. The network provides sharing of Input/Output resources.

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