What is Magnification Gesture In Android? Zoom Your Android Screen

What is Magnification Gesture In Android? Zoom Your Android Screen

What is Magnification Gesture in android? This is the important topic for all android user. When we go to the android setting. We generally find a option named Magnification Gesture. So, what is this? what is it’s work? Is it useful or not? How to enable and disable this Magnification Gesture option? This all are questions, you will get answer in here.

Must read this article, this is very helpful to you. Here we will get full knowledge about Magnification gesture. I am telling you that this option is very important for us.

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What is Magnification Gesture in android?

Magnification gesture is an accessibility feature in android. I mean this magnification gesture is found in the accessibility option under the setting of android mobile. This Magnification gesture feature is generally provided you to zoom in your android screen so that you can see the watch the screen clearly and for different reasons also.

I told before, this option is for zoom our android screen. I mean by enabling the magnification gesture option we can zoom our android screen.

This feature is very helpful for those who can’t see the little words and lines. If you want to take screenshot to the particular area then you can zoom the screen and click screenshot.

So, I hope you understand what is magnification Gesture? Now, the question is how you can enable it? or if you enabled then how you can disable it? Let’s learn.

How to enable magnification gesture?

To enable this feature, follow the given below steps one by one. I am telling you it is too easy.

1) First go to the Setting option of your android mobile.

2) Then go the Accessibility option, which is very easy to find.

enable magnification gesture

3) Then you will find the Magnification Gesture option, simply click there.

enable magnification gesture

4) Then simply turn on the Magnification Gesture.

enable magnification gesture

NOTE : After enabling the magnification gesture option just double tab the screen to zoom in. To adjust the zoom screen pinch two or more fingers across together and spear them apart.

How to Disable magnification gesture feature?

It is so simple to turn off this feature. Just follow the given below steps.

1) Just go the Setting option and then go to the Accessibility option.

2) Find the  Magnification Gesture option and click there.

3) And then turn off it.

Disable magnification gestureConclusion

I hope you understand nicely “What is Magnification Gesture”? How to enable and disable it? and what is it’s work also. If you any kind of confusion then you can freely ask me. If you find this article will be very helpful to someone then you can share it to help him.

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