What is Kernel Version in Android Phone?

What is Kernel Version in Android Phone?

What is Kernel Version in Android Phone? Majority of mobile phone user use android phone but did you about the all setting features and option of your phone? May be yes or may be no. No, I am not going to tell you about the all setting options of our android phone but I will tell you about the most important option of our phone, called Kernel.

Kernel is not only seen in our android devices but other operating system devices also like Windows, Mac, iPhone. Now, lot of question can come to our mind that what is Kernel? what is it’s work? why it is used in our mobile or computer devices? Don’t worry I will clear your doubts.

What is Kernel Version in Android Phone?

When we go to the setting and then click the about phone, Kernel version option is shown. I want to tell you that it is the version of your Kernel.

Simply, the Kernel is a software which works in between our hardware and our applications or software. suppose you installed a file sharing application, now it will seek access of your wifi or hotspot but the application can’t access your computer directly. Here the Kernel is used.

What is Kernel Version

Basically a new application passes their hardware requirements through the kernel and Kernel completes their requirements. We can say Kernel connects the application with the hardware.

Kernel is a software and we can change it I mean you can download it and install it to your mobile or any other device but remember when you going to download make sure it is genuine and trusted. If you unknown about kernel installing process then don’t going to change because it can harmful for your mobile.

Now another question comes why you change the kernel? Because sometimes third party gives better performance then your installed kernel. Your mobile must be in root to change the Kernel.

The Kernel version in our android phone is the version of our Kernel, it’s code and when it is installed is shown.

Why it is used?

As I told before Kernel is used to give access of any hardware to our third party installed applications or software. If it is not used then we can’t use some third party application like File sharing, Camera, third party photo application etc. We can say it is the one of most important software of our devices. Basically the all application control is in the hand of Kernel.


I hope you understand What is Kernel version in android phone? and why it is used? If you have any kind of confusion then you can ask me. One more thing I want to tell you that if you don’t have complete knowledge on kernel installation then don’t go to change and install third party Kernel.

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