What is Internetworking?

What is Internetworking?

Internetworking is very important term in Cyber Security and internet. In this article you will learn about  what is Internetworking? And in this article I will give you the definition of Internetworking, which will help you to get simple concept of Internetworking.

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What is Internetworking?

What is Internetworking

Access control

Internetworking is the connection of the local LAN (Local Area Network) server to other LAN\WAN servers via various connection (e.g., routers, gateway). The current Department E-mail system, for example could exists without this inter connectivity. Each additional LAN\WAN inter connection can add outside user and increase the risks to the system.

LAN server and network devices can function as “filters” to control traffic to and from external networks. For example, application gateway may be used to enforce access control policies at network boundaries. The important point is to balance connectivity-requirements with security requirements.

Wireless LAN

Wireless LANs use infrared light waves or Radio Frequencies (RF) to transmit signals and data to PCs, servers, and other network device. Networks can use a combination of wired and wireless capabilities. Increasingly, portable computers, laptop, and palmtops will have wireless connectivity.

Wireless LANs, particularly those which are radio based, can be vulnerable to the interception of data and passwords. Security planning, careful selection of security features (e.g., Data Encryption), and security training are crucial for the successful wireless LAN implementation.

Organizational Teamwork

The effective administration of LANs\WANs require inter-organizational coordination and teamwork. Since network can cross so many organizational boundaries, integrated security requires the combined efforts of many personal, including the administrators and technical staff (who support the local servers, network, and internetworks), security personal, users, and management.


E-mail messages are somewhat different from other computer applications in that they can involve “store and forward” communications. Messages travel from the sender to the recipient, often from one computer to another over a WAN. When messages are stored in one places and them forwarded to multiple location they because vulnerable to interception or can carry viruses and related malicious software.

Risk Management

This is the process of identifying vulnerabilities and threats to the information resources used by an organization in achieving business objectives and deciding what counter measures, if any, to take in reducing risk to an acceptable level.

The Middlebox Communication (midcom) Working Group of the Internet Engineering Task Froce in working on standardizing protocol for managing firewalls and other middle boxes.


This article will be useful for those who are interested in Cyber Security and networking also. I hope you  understand “what is internetworking” ? and its concept.

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