Avoid Croup to Upload Facebook Profile Picture

Avoid Croup to Upload Facebook Profile Picture

Facebook is well known popular social media, we all know about it. Facebook profile picture and background picture is most important for a Facebook ID or account. Did you know? profile picture is most important then the background picture. In this article I am going to tell you a most important tips to upload Facebook profile picture. 

We generally see a problem to upload a DP which is we can’t upload profile photo without croup. When we croup a photo some object and structures of the photo can be miss. So, is it possible to “upload Facebook profile picture” without croup? Yes, it is possible. The full process is given below.

Process To Upload Facebook Profile Picture Without Croup

This process is not so easy and so heard. I provide you the picture so that you can understand easily. I hope you will understand properly.

  • At first go to your profile and click the Update Profile Picture Option.

upload Facebook profile picture

  • And then Choose the photo or You can Upload a picture. In this tutorial I am going to upload photos , click the Upload Photo option.

upload Facebook profile picture

  • Then choose a photo from your gallery.
  • At the time of save your profile picture you will find a option called Skip Cropping option, click there. And at last Save it.

upload Facebook profile picture

The process is completed and I hope you learn this process. Now open your Facebook and do this.


I hope you understand how can you upload Facebook profile picture without cropping. If you find this tips will help to someone you can share it and if you have any question related with this article you can ask me .

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