How To Use Thunder VPN App For Android?

How To Use Thunder VPN App For Android?

Thunder VPN app is a free proxy app available for android. This VPN has lots of features, you should definitely use this free VPN to secure your internet and apps also. 

This article will be very helpful to you, here we will tell you how to use thunder VPN? And I will provide you the link to download thunder VPN app. In few steps you can easily learn the complete process to use this VPN.

Before I tell you the complete process to use thunder VPN, you should know the features of this VPN. Thunder VPN is completely free to use and they provide unlimited free bandwidth. No registration required to use this VPN and you can connect with a particular location. The turbo VPN has 10 different locations. This VPN also secures your apps. 

Step By Step Process To Use Thunder VPN App For Android 

Download this VPN and follow these steps if you find any difficulty to use it. The pictures also given so that you can understand easily. 

  • After install, simply open and accept the terms and conditions.
  • After then you will see the CONNECT option, simply click there to connect with VPN.
Thunder VPN app

To Connect With Different Locations

  • Simply open the app and click the thunder icon, shown in the right up corner. 
Thunder VPN app
  • Then select a location of them to connect with VPN. 

To See What Apps Are Protected

  • Go to the setting. 
Thunder VPN app
  • Go to the Apps Using VPN option, then you will see the apps which are protected with VPN. If you want to unsecure, simply off it. 
Thunder VPN app

To Disconnect The VPN

  • To disconnect the VPN, simply click the CONNECTED option and disconnect it. 
Thunder VPN app


The process to connect with VPN using Thunder VPN or the using process of the “Thunder VPN app” is completed. This is so simple right? I hope you understand properly. If you have any kind of confusion, then you can ask us freely. 

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