5 Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Store Data In Cloud

5 Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Store Data In Cloud

We save our data like photos, videos, documents in different storage platform. We use memory card, pen drive, external hard disk and cloud storage to save a secure our important data. When we save our files in external drive or memory cards there is a risk that the drive can be damage or lost. But if we store data in cloud storage platform it is 90% risk free.

Wait before you go to create account and “store data in cloud” storage program I want to tell you that these are not completely risk free. So, how to store your data in cloud without any fear? I am going to tell you the most important tips which you should know before go to store your important photos, videos, documents in cloud storage.

5 Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Store Data In Cloud

This 5 most important tips will be most useful to you. So, read this article till end because little knowledge is dangerous.

1# Use reputed cloud storage program

We use Cloud storage program to store our important data related to our business and office also. So, the cloud storage platform should trusted and popular. In a trusted and reputed platform we can feel secure about our data and we can save data without any fear of data lost and data thief. You can choose google drive which is developed by Google and Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox etc. If you want to know the most popular, secure and best free cloud storage platform then you can read our article about it.

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2# Make sure that your sign up gmail or email is not used in any other platform

Now email ID is most important like our mobile number. Almost every where, when we go to create an account we need a email. When you go to create or sign up an account on cloud storage you need an email ID, make sure that this email ID is not used in any where. Because it will improve your data security.

You must have two or more email ID, one is for to give any where and another is for your private and official activity. If you don’t have two email then create it in Google, it is totally free.

3# Choose a strong password

Password is most important for our security. We use password to secure our important files. All kind of cloud storage platform has facility to protect our files by password. In this case the password should be strong because the week password can be easily hack. So, how can you choose a strong password? it is a big question. I am telling you – If you choose a password named “techbick” then write it like this “@#techBicK32”.

Remember it because this is most important. And only when you use password it should be strong.

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4# Use two step verification to improve security

Two step verification is extra layer security. In this process you have to verify that it is your account by providing a code. The code only send to our mobile number. Not all but most of the cloud storage program provides us this facility. If your cloud storage company provides you this facility then you should definitely use this. Two step verification is most important to improve our security.

5# Before use read the complete detail about the cloud storage program

We generally don’t read any kind of detail like privacy policy, user guide or other information which is most important to read. Specially in online platform when we go to do any activity in any platform, it is most important to know about this. By mistake if you choose a fake cloud storage platform your important data can be lost.

It you feel bored to read all information, just read the privacy policy page. It is most important.


I hope you will keep in mind the 5 important points to “store data in cloud”.¬†If you find this article will be helpful to someone then you can share it. If you have any question regarding this article you can ask me.

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