What is Stock Android? Stock android Vs Custom UI

What is Stock Android? Stock android Vs Custom UI

We all heard the word Stock Android and Customized Android or Custom UI when we go to know about the features of an Android phones. Did you know what it is really mean? In this article I am going to give you the knowledge on it.

What is Stock Android?

Present days two types of software based mobiles mostly used, one is Android and another is IOS. But Majority of the smartphone user uses Android devices. Android based mobiles are generally cheap and here we can experience lot of features. In our smartphones two types of Android is used, Stock android and Customized Android or Custom UI.

Stock android is also called pure android. This android are directly used in our smartphone without any modification. It means after development an android software a mobile manufacturer company directly use this with making any changes or any customizing.

The Custom UI or customized android are not pure android. If the Android is use after made lot of customization than it is called Customized Android or Custom UI. In this Android software mobile manufacturer company add lot of featured which made the device unique from other.

Mobiles with Pure Android

Xiaomi Mi A2, Nokia 6.1 Plus, Xiaomi Mi A1, Nokia 1, Infinix Note 5, Lenovo K8 or K8 Plus, Asus Zenfone Max pro M1 etc. lot of phone using pure android.

Stock Android Vs Customized Android

Pure Android is directly comes from google so there are no changes made here. Now I am going to tell you the pros and cons by comparing customized android and pure android.

Mobiles Performance

Customized Androids are used by adding lot of features and installing lot of applications. Sometimes the features can be too much. And sometimes it is seen that they installed Ram cleaner, memory cleaned application. Because of the too much features and memory cleaner or background running applications the mobile performance can be slow.

On other way if a mobile using Pure Android than their mobile performance will be better in most cases. Because the stock android is complete pure it comes directly from google and no other changes made here. Google installs only important google’s applications.

Ram and Memory

I told before that lot of application already pre-installed in a custom UI based devices. So, the mobile already consumes lot of memory and ram space. So, you only can install limited applications compared to a pure android base mobile, if your mobile Ram  is 3 GB or more than you don’t need to worry about “stock android” or customized android.


The main purpose to use Custom UI is features, after customization the mobile company add lot of impressing features. Features create impression of a mobile phones to the customers. In Custom UI you will find an unique interface, different from other mobiles.

Suppose, 10 mobile using Android 9.0 (“Stock Android”) than the software interface will be almost same. But if 10 mobiles using their own Custom UI Android 9.0 based mobiles their software interface will not be safe.


Updates on Pure Android based mobiles we generally comes quickly because it is directly provide by google. After the update of an new Android the Custom Android based mobiles manufacturer create updates for their particular mobiles.


Stock Android is a very smooth to use and it is less memory and Ram consumable. This was the brief knowledge about the pure Android and customized Android or Custom UI. If you find this article will be very helpful to other also than you can share it.

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