SSG 18: An Application Give Feedback To Government

SSG 18: An Application Give Feedback To Government

This article will be about and application named SSG 18. The full name of SSG is Swacch Survekshan Grameen. As a citizen it is our duty to look at the works of government as well as development of our area is growing or not.

It will be difficult to know by the government about your village is developing or not. So, this application is lunched. Let’s know more about this application.

What is SSG 18 App?

SSG 18 is newly developed Android application. This application is a citizen feedback application developed by Kantar Public. Using this application you can provide your feedback to the government related to the cleanliness and development your village or town. This application will help the govt. to know how much clean your village, area, town is.

The Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation (MDWS) intends to undertake “Swachh Survekshan Grameen2018” to provide national ranking of all districts of India on the basis of sanitation (Swachhata) parameters. This App aims to engage with citizens and solicit their feedback for improving the program.

In this application four or five question will be asked based on water facility of your place, cleanliness of your place, your age etc. You just need to answer the question just telling Yes or No.

You can visit their official website:

How To Use Citizen’s Feedback App, SSG 18?

This application is very easy and simple to use and you should give feedback to the government. I am requesting you to download this app and give feedback. I am telling you complete process.

  • At first download the application and simply open it. You can download from the Google Play Store Link and directly form Google Play Store.
  • Then click Next and select language.

SSG 18

  • Then question come to your mobile screen, click the answer.

I hope you will use this application. Make sure that your answer is true because it will affect your place development and your district position. I am providing you the Google play store download link below, you can download from here.

SSG 18
SSG 18
Developer: Kantar Public
Price: Free

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