Roz Dhan App – Earn Unlimited Cash, Watch Videos [Full Review]

Roz Dhan App – Earn Unlimited Cash, Watch Videos [Full Review]

Roz Dhan app is a free application to earn lots of money. This is basically a one of the best platforms to earn real cash and you can easily transfer your money to Paytm account.

We can consider this app is an entertainer app because not only earning money, but you can also watch different kinds of amazing videos also. If you want, you also can upload videos. You can like, comment and share the videos with anyone easily.

This app can be amazing to pass you boring times and earn money. So, don’t miss the review, before you download you should know everything about this app.

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Roz Dhan app is an entertaining app, here lots of amazing videos available to entertain you. Not only that you can also create and submit your own videos, photos. By the way this is a money making app also, by referring your friends or anyone you can easily earn money. You can easily transfer your money to your Paytm wallet.

“Roz Dhan app” will provide you money by way of referring and daily check in option, you can’t earn money by watching and creating videos.

roz dhan app

If you refer someone and if he join using your referral code, then he will get Rs. 25 cash and you will get 1250 coins. Suppose, you join using the referral or invite code given below, then you will get total Rs. 50 (Rs. 25 for registration and Rs. 25 by using referral or invite code). The coins will be converted into cash after one day.

Referral Code: 03YPOV


Developer                :  RozDhan Official

Size                           :  9.9 MB

Required Android    : 4.1 and up

Rating                       :  4.5

Installs                      :  1,000,000+


roz dhan app

“Roz Dhan app” comes with simple and easy to use interface. When you first open the app you need to register using your mobile number. After registering you can watch lots of videos from different categories. This app has three different options, I am providing you detailed information about the different options.

In the first option, you can choose categories to watch videos. It has six different categories first one is Featured, where you can watch all popular videos. The second category is LOL, where you will find comedy videos. Under the third, I mean Weird category you can watch the informational and knowledgeable videos. Forth category is all about celebrity, movie videos etc. and fifth category is about health related videos. The last category is Fashion category where you will find all fashion related tips, tricks and more.

On the first option you will see a plus symbol, by clicking there you can upload photo or videos you can see your uploaded posts and you can invite your friends also.

The second option is all about top popular videos. Here you can find most funny and amazing videos of the day.

The third option is all about your profile summary and settings. Here you can find your profile picture, your referral code, your income, how many people join using your referral code. You can withdraw money from here and you can invite your friends also from here. Here you also find setting option, by going to there you can change the language, off notifications and Log Out your account.


roz dhan app

Roz Dhan app is an amazing app to provide knowledge and also it will entertain you. It can be good friends for your boring time. It has lots of features you also can make money from here. So, let’s know the features of this app in detail.

1. Watch Amazing Videos.

This app is available with lots of funny and knowledgeable videos. If you like some of the videos you can like, comment and share with anyone. Not only that if you want, you can download and dislike the videos.

Different categories videos are available here. Not only funny, you will find celebrity, health and fashion related videos. And these are helpful to gain knowledge from here.

2. Earn Lots Of Money.

Watching videos is not only one feature of it, you can earn lots of money from here. And your money, you can easily transfer to your Paytm account. There are two ways to earn money from here. First one is you can invite someone and if he joins using your referral code then he will get Rs. 25 and you will get 1250 coins. The coins will be converted into cash after one day.

And another option is to earn coins by daily check in. You have to open the app daily and go to the check in option.

3. Upload Video, Photos.

“Roz Dhan app” is not only about watching videos, here you also can upload your own videos and photos also. You can see your posts and how much you get likes. You can upload memes and any kind of videos what you want. No restriction and no copyright issues are here.

4. Contact Facility

Lots of applications we see that they don’t provide contact facility, but this app is not like that. If you find any issue and if you are facing any problem then you can contact them.


Whatsapp- +91 7620605822


roz dhan app

Roz Dhan app is an amazing app to entertain you and you can earn lots of money. I told you earlier about the features, basic details of the app. Now I will tell you about the limitations of the app, you should know about the limitations also before you use it.

1. No any fix conversion rate of coins

There is no fixed rate of coins those you get if someone join using your referral code. For example, if you join using my referral code (given above) then you will get Rs. 25 and I will get 1250 coins and the coins will converted into cash within a day. But how much cash you will get it is not stable, it can be Rs. 5 and less or more than that.

If you go to the income section of the app, it is clearly mentioned that “the conversion rate depends on whether your friends are active in Roz Dhan”.

2. Limited income options

Roz Dhan has very limited income option, it is a big limitation of this application. You can income only by two ways, the first one is by referring someone and the second one is by daily check in option. You will not get money by watching videos or uploading videos.

Daily check in option is you have to open this app daily and by going to the profile you need to click the Check In option. And then you will get very little amount of coins.

3. Security and copyright rules

This is a big and we can say it is a big issue with this app that anyone can upload videos of others. No strict copyright rule is here like YouTube. You also can upload videos of others and others can upload video of yours.

But you can contact them if you are facing any problem, the contact information I told you earlier.

4. Withdrawal of money

There is no problem to get money, they will provide money within 72 hours. But the problem is there is only one option to get cash, which is Paytm. You can’t withdraw your cash to Payapal or directly to your bank account. I hope this option will come soon.

Another problem is that only 200 Rupees you can withdraw at a time and you can withdraw money 5 times in a day.


1. Roz Dhan real or fake?

Roz Dhan app is completely genuine and real you can earn real cash from here. I am already using it and I already get cash in my Paytm wallet.

2. How to earn from the Roz Dhan app?

There are two options to earn cash. 1st one is Daily check in option and another one is by inviting other friends.

When you invite a friend and he joins, you will get 1250 coins and If you go with the daily Check in option, then you also get coins. The coins will convert into money in after one day.

3. How can I get the cash?

When you get coins, the coins will convert into cash and your Roz Dhan wallet must have cash Rs. 200 to withdraw your money to Paytm wallet. The cash will transfer to your Paytm wallet into 2-3 working days.

One more thing you need to know that if you withdraw Rs. 200, then you will get Rs. 180 after deducting TDS (Tax).

4. How much money I get after login first time?

After install you need to register using your mobile number and then you get Rs. 25 and if you put the referral code, then you will get Rs. 25 more. In total your money will be Rs. 50. But remember it if you don’t put the referral code you will earn only Rs. 25.

Don’t worry about the referral code, I already provided you the referral code above, use it and get total Rs. 50.


Roz Dhan app is an amazing app to provide you unlimited cash. Using the given above referral code you will earn Rs. 50. I already told you the features and importance and limitations also. Don’t be confused at the time of using it, read our article how to use Roz Dhan application and use perfectly.

I hope you understand about the app completely and share this app review with your friends so that he/she also can earn money using this app. If you have any question regarding this article you can freely ask me.

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