7 Key Reasons of Smartphone hang

7 Key Reasons of Smartphone hang

After watching the title you know that what I going to tell about in this article. Yes! Yes! Friends, I am going to tell you about the main reasons of smartphone hang. This article will be very interesting and very helpful to you guys. Hope you will read this article till end.

The millions of people in the world are using Smartphones. Hanging problem is a common problem of any Smartphone. Almost 60% of Smartphone users are facing the hanging problem and I am also one of them and I after lots of research I found these are the main reasons of smartphone hang.

reasons of smartphone hang

Why you need to read this article?

I know you are facing the smartphone hanging problem like me. This article will not only help you to know the main reasons of smartphone hang but also you can solve the problem.

7 key reasons of Smartphone hang

1# Internal memory is full.

The common reason for hanging of Smartphone is if your internal memory has no space and it is full of video, files, images etc. then your phone can be hang. So friends use an external memory card and save your data, videos, images etc. to the external memory and keep clean the internal memory of your phone.

2# Less ram capacity device you are using.

Ram plays major role in mobile devices. You know that ram is used to run the application. Installation of too many applications is actually a burden on memory and processor and ram also. If your mobile has low ram then I suggest you that don’t install too many apps, games etc. use only the important applications.

3# Malware attacked on your phone.

Malware or virus is harmful for all computer devices. Virus or malware can come to your mobile device from visiting unknown hacking websites, clicking ads, installing unknown application etc. viruses are not only harmful for your software it can be harmful for your device hardware also. The virus can be a reason for your mobile frizzing. So, friends I suggest you to install only reputed app from the reputed app store and you can use antivirus program. And friends make sure that antivirus must be paid and original version.

4# Lot of applications are running at the same time.

This is the main reason under the 7 “reasons of smartphone hang”. Did you know that processor and ram is working together at a same time when an application is running. When we install an application, in stored in memory and when we open the application it store to RAM. Here processor works to store the application from memory to ram so that an application can run. When we run too many applications at a same time the ram and processor cannot take pressure, no doubt that it is depending on your mobile’s ram capacity and processing speed. So, friends use only one or two applications at a same time.

5# Applications or software is not updated.

Not update application can be the other reason to hang of your Smartphone. When you open an older version app, it cannot run properly and when you go to open it your mobile can be hang. And not only application you need to keep updated your mobile’s software if you have a software update so that your mobile can work properly.

6# Your device is connected with too many systems through data cable.

If you share your files through data cable, stop it because it is harmful for your device hardware and use the wireless data transfer application. When your device is connected with too many systems through data cable and you are working on the device, in this case it may hit up your device hardware and its effect on processor also. This is the other reason to hang of mobile phone.

7# Other reasons. 

When you are working on the internet and visiting a most popular website, suddenly your mobile starting to hang. After a few days you open your what’s app and your phone start to hang. It is because of load of too many massages. In theses cases you can free from fear these facts are not harmful for your mobile.


There are too many reasons for your mobile hanging. I am just introducing you the main reasons why your mobile can be hang. Keep mind these 7“reasons of smartphone hang”so that you can solve the mobile hanging problem in your own hang. And friends don’t use any junk file cleaner app, it can bed effect on your mobile phone.

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