RABF App: Now Rent A Boyfriend

RABF App: Now Rent A Boyfriend

RABF app makes good news for those girls who has no boyfriend. Girls, are you single and waiting for your life partner? This application will helpful to you. This application is developed KP 24 UNITED.

According to RABF “56 Million Indians (4.5%) suffer from Depression & it leads to Suicides 8,00,000 per year. 60% Women are depressed. 65% of Youth aged 22-25 are suffering from Depression and loneliness. Many indulge in the consumption of alcohol and tobacco in the hope of getting relief.”

What is RABF app? 

RABF App is developed specially to get relief from stretch, depression, loneliness etc. A survey says when a person is into depression, it indicates their closed ones have failed to get them out from their painful suffering and battle against themselves resulting them to lose all the confidence. In this application you can rent or hire a boyfriend, so that you can express or tell your feeling.

To hire a boyfriend at first you have to create an account. If you want, you can download this application, I am providing you the Google play store download link below.

Developer: KP 24 UNITED
Price: Free

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