Pubg Online Game can Kill Your Smartphone [Must Read]

Pubg Online Game can Kill Your Smartphone [Must Read]

Pubg online game is a very interesting and one of the popular android game. This is most popular online multiplayer android game. I am also fan of the Pubg game.

I am not telling you that this game is bad. This amazing game is developed by  Tencent Games and it’s play store ratting is 4.4 which is so good.

I just want to tell your Pubg online game is not for all android mobile. When I was playing Pubg, I found lots of limitations are there. So, I think you should know this limitations so that you can save your smartphone. Not only problems but I will tell you the solutions also.

So, read this article It will be very useful to you and you will get lots of knowledge from this article.

How Pubg Online Game can Kill Your Smartphone?

Pubg has lots of disadvantages in different field, especially in low Ram and low Rom capacity mobile. Now I am telling you the reasons in point wise why Pubg can kill you mobile phone?

1# Pubg is a power consuming Game.

pubg online game

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This is a one of the big problem in Pubg game. This game consumes lots of battery charge and if can kill your battery life. Generally my mobile battery is good but and it’s battery backup is almost 24 to 25 hour after full charge. When I used to play Pubg then the battery perform 3 to 4 hour. But it will not happen with other game.

Not only in my mobile my friends also facing same problem. So. my suggestion is that you can try this game and if you find problem like this then stop playing it. Because game is less important then you mobile phone.

One more thing, I tasted this game in only Android phone, not in iPhone. You can play this game in iPhone and you can tell me how it’s performance.

2# Your mobile must have 2 GB ram unless your mobile can die.

Pubg online game


If You want to play Pubg game then your mobile must have 2 GB ram, It is the basic requirements of this game but I want to tell you that if you play this game in 2 GB ram mobile then you can’t install another high MB application.

I want to tell you that if you want to play this game your mobile must have more then 3 GB so that you can run this game smoothly.

If your mobile is not more then 3 GB ram then don’t play this game. It is very high end and high graphic game, it can hang and slow down your mobile phone.

3# Pubg can hang your mobile phone

pubg online game

This point not for all mobile phone If you are using low Ram and low Rom capacity mobile then this point for you. Look friends, Pubg online game is a high end and high graphic mobile game. The basic requirement of this game is your mobile space must have 2 GB and and it is supportable in Android 5.1.1 or more.

If your processor is not so good then it will be better to not to play this game. Because it will not run smoothly and your mobile can be hang.

One more thing you need to know that Snapdragon processors are so suitable for gaming.

These are the basic problem and disadvantages with the Pubg game. I already faced and I tolled you so that you can know and you can safe your mobile phone.


I hope you understand what are the main problems in Pubg. I tolled you that you it is difficult to play pubg in low Ram capacity mobile and low Ram capacity mobile. In this solutions I am going to tell you how you can run smoothly Pubg in low capacity mobile.

Remember this points, if you want to play pubg in low capacity mobile.

1# Clean your internal memory

This is the first solution. I am not telling you to use any kind of cleaner, I am just telling you that if your mobile’s internal memory has low space then clean it and transfer to the external memory. It will helpful to reduce load on internal memory.

2# Use only important applications

If you mobile’s Ram is not more then 3 GB then my suggestion is that use only important application for your mobile. To run this game smoothly it is important to keep clean you Ram space.

It will be very helpful for processor to run any kind of application smoothly.


I hope this article on Pubg online game is most helpful to you. And hope, you will follow this tips and advice. If this article will be helpful to someone then don’t forgot to share it with him.

And most important, if you have any question regarding this topic you can freely ask me.

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