How To Use Protect Free VPN?

How To Use Protect Free VPN?

Protect Free VPN is completely free and one of the simple and easy to used free VPN. In this VPN you don’t need to create account or sign up to use it. Just download open and use it.

I will give you the download link at the end of the article so that you can download it easily directly from here. Before we start the tutorial, you should know the features of this VPN app.

This free VPN has lot of unique features. It not only secure your internet but it protects you mobile applications also. You can use this app in you own language, it has language selection features.

This app will help you to save your wasted data by blocking background running apps. Data alert features of this app is amazing, it you on it than you will be notified when the particular app reaches the data limit.

If you want to use this VPN app your android version must be 4.1 and up. If you using android 4.0 or lower version than you can’t.

Using Process Of Protect Free VPN

Let’s know how to use Protect Free VPN? I am going to tell you the complete process and with picture so that you can understand easily.

  • After install simply open this app by accepting the term & condition.
  • This app also show how much data your mobile apps are consuming.

protect free vpn

  • Click the Turn Protection On option to connect with VPN.

protect free vpn

Other Features & Using Process

Now, I will tell you the other features and using process like Language selection, Data alert, Data saving feature etc.

1# Language Select

By this option you can use this app in your own language. Complete process is below.

  • Click the three line, shown in the left upper corner.

protect free vpn

  • Than click Languages option and simply select one of them.

protect free vpn

2# Data Save

Some of your mobile app consumes lot of data by running on background. This feature will stop those apps to run in background.

  • Simply select the particular app to stop run on background.

protect free vpn

  • Than click Save Wasted Data option and click SAVE.

protect free vpn

3# Limit to Wi-Fi Feature

If you on this feature, the particular app will connect to the internet on Wi-Fi only.

  • Simply select the particular app to use this feature.
  • Click Limit to Wi-Fi option and click SAVE.

protect free vpn

4# Data Alert

if you turn on this option than you have to set a data limit for the particular app. When the app consume more than the limit than you will be notified.

  • Select the particular app to use data alert feature.
  • Click the Set Data Alert.

protect free vpn

  • Choose the limit and click SET AN ALERT.

protect free vpn

  • Than click GO TO SETTING to allow permission.
  • And than on the Permit drawing over other apps. 

protect free vpn

  • Than go back and click SAVE.


“Protect Free VPN” is an amazing free VPN app. The all features and complete using process I told you before. I hope you understand properly. If you have any kind of question you can ask me.

Onavo Protect, from Facebook
Onavo Protect, from Facebook
Developer: Onavo
Price: Free

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