5 Problem in Google Play Store

5 Problem in Google Play Store

I am a android user. I like to download lots of application to play with it. We know Google play store is not only a app market, from here you can download movie, music, e books, games also. After using lots of days I saw there are lots of problem in Google play store.

If you are android user then you should know these issue, which can be most important for you. Lots of question can come to your mind through this article. To get answer of your questions, read this article till end.

I hope this article will helps you lot.

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5 Problem in Google Play Store

problem in Google play store

Not only advantages in Google play store but lot of limitation also there. My suggestion is that you should read the article carefully to understand the topic perfectly.

1# App installation file don’t save in your mobile memory

It is a major and common problem in Google play store. Other android app market saves his application file to our memory card so that we can  reinstall the application which we uninstalled after it used. You can say why it is very good because it save our storage. But I want to tell you that if you download an application form Google play store then you need to re download the application which is uninstalled by mistake.

I am not telling that Google play store is bed, It is very good but some cases it is not so useful to us.

2# Automation app update

Automatic application update feature is not very helpful to us. This features developed so that you don’t need to update installed application manually.

This feature is not so good because when you have limited internet pack and you have important work to do, at this time the automatic app update can finish your internet pack by updating application automatically.

So, my suggestion is that update your application manually when it is required and keep off the automatic app update feature.

To off the auto app update feature Go to the Setting > Auto Update Apps > Click the Do not auto update apps

3# Can die you battery at your required time

The auto app update feature can kill your battery life. Are you shocked? OK I am telling you how. Suppose, you are working on your mobile in online. At this time if app update is available, the Google play store will update your apps without your permission in background.

Keep off the auto app update feature and update your needed app manually at the time when your mobile have too many battery charge.

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4# False application available

This is a big problem in Google play store. Here, lots of fake application available specially money making app but Google can’t take action against it. It is a big issue on Google play store.

Sometimes Google delete lots of malware based application from their app store, It’s very good. I hope we will experience a clean Google Play store.

5# Sometimes app installation error seen in Google play store

It is a common problem we all faced sometimes, when we go to download application from play store. The following some common Google play store error is given below

  • Google play store error code 18
  • Google play store error code 20
  • Google play store error code 103
  • Google play store error code 194
  • Google play store error code 492
  • Google play store error code 495
  • Google play store error code 505
  • Google play store error code 506
  • Google play store error code 509
  • Google play store error code 905

This common problem we can easily resolve. I going to tell you the 3 tips to resolve Google play store errors. I hope it will help you perfectly.

1# Clear the Google play store cache. 

2# Clear Google play app data.

3# Make sure that you data and time are set correctly. If it is not then set it correctly. 


I hope you understand the “problem in Google play store. If you have any kind of confusion the you can ask me in comment. If this article is helpful to someone then you can share it.

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