Neta App- Report Card Of Leaders (Full Review)

Neta App- Report Card Of Leaders (Full Review)

NETA app was launched on 24 Aug, 2018 by the Former President Mr. Pranab Mukherjee. At the launch event Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal also was present.

The National Electoral Transformation or NETA application is developed by the 27 year old entrepreneur Pratham Mittal. This app is introduced to know about your local political leaders, their performance and people are satisfied with their works or not. 

This app is not helpful to general people or the public, it can be too much helpful to politician party or leaders also. They can know how many people are satisfied with their work, Their image is good or bad among the people or etc. lots of things.

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NETA app is a platform where we can give ratings and review the political career of politicians. It is one of the best platforms to give your opinion about your local leaders. Your ratings will help others to know the particular candidate is trusted or not. Not only voters, it will be very helpful to a political party or the particular candidate also. 

To use this app you just need to provide your mobile number. You can’t use one mobile number again and again. According to this app your data is completely secure and protected. This app also uses Aaadhar data and data from voter rolls, so that no one can misuse this app. 

“NETA app” is usable in 16 languages and it is available on Android, iOS and the web also. Going to their official website you can register as a user. And this app is only for Indians. 

Not only your local leaders, you can also give ratings to your MP, MLA, PM, CM etc. And you can also give your opinions my making videos. You don’t need any Android app, web version also available. I will provide you the official website link also.


Developer                :  Shanti Informatics

Size                            :  20 MB

Required Android : 5.0 and up

Rating                       :  3.5

Installs                     :  500,000+


The NETA app comes with blue and easy to use interface. When you open the app, it will open with a tag line “Leaders Ka Report Card”. It means the report card of leaders. When you enter the app you will see a blue, clean and easily understandable interface. 

This app has five different pages, first one is the home page, the second one is explore page, the third one is rating page, forth one is the star citizen page and the last one is setting page. 

neta app

After open this at the top of the app you will see your constituency, state, your score and your rank. At the home page you will see the leaders of your country, state and your local area. Here you can see their ratings also. On the home page you will also see the all political parties of our country and their ratings also and here also include questions regarding government decisions, you just need to answer by clicking Yes or NO. At the last of the home page you will see the top political leaders from different political parties and their ratings. 

On the second page, I mean on the explore page you can see the all MPs, MLAs of your state and our country. Also, you can see their report, opinions of people and you can know more things about them. Here also include all states of India, you can know MLAs and MPs rating of other states. It will be helpful to know how the political leaders of other states working and peoples opinions about different political parties of other states. In the Polls section you can give your opinion about different political leader works related to our local area, country and states also by clicking Yes or No option. In the pools section this app will ask you different questions related our countries’ development, works etc. 

On the third page, this app will ask you to give a rating to your local leaders and if you are unable to find some leaders then you can search by name of leaders, here.

On the Star Citizen page you can see the list of all citizens who are using this app and their rank on the basis of national level, state level and your constituency level. 

The Last page is setting page where you can see your profile and if you want to make any changes in your account then you can. Here also you can know also about them and their terms & condition. You can Logout your account from here. If you have any queries then you can take their help and support from this setting page. In this page you will get a option “Refer a Friend”, you can refer and gain 10 points.


The Neta app is only one app in India where we can check the other person’s opinion about their political leaders. And we can also give our opinion about the local MP, MLAs, CM and PM also. It is a great platform where we can know a leader’s performance. Let’s know the overall features and why should we use Neta app?

neta app

1. Give a rating to political party and leaders. 

Neta (National Electoral Transformation) app is only one platform in India where we can give ratings as a vote or opinion openly. In this app we can give a rating to our local not only MLA, MP but CM, PM and different political parties also.

We should use this app to give ratings to our local area leaders and CM, PM also on the basis their works. Our rating or opinion will say they are really  working or not.  

2. Know other political leaders’ performance. 

As I told you earlier “Neta app” is very important for us. It will all political performance directly not only in our constituency but on other area also. You can select a particular state and a constituency to see their local political leaders’ performance. Report of a political leader also available here, you can judge a leader and their

This feature helps you to know the overall performance of a political party. If the candidates of a particular political party are not working well in their area, then you can assume that in most cases, if you choose the candidate of a same political party, they will not work well. Sometimes it is seen that a good leader can’t give good performance because of the party.  

3. Give your view on the different decisions of present government.

This app has amazing features, not only ratings you can provide your opinion through videos. You can tell to present political leaders and about your local area leaders through videos. Anything you want to say you can, no restriction is there. 

After giving a rating you can click the continue option and you can record a video by telling about the performance of the particular leader. 

Poll option also available here, this app will ask you a different question related to different rules and decisions of the present government. You can give your thought by just clicking Yes or No option.

4. Watch other’s peoples thought and opinion.

The rating is not everything, in this app you can see other people’s opinion and thought at present by the way of videos. I told you earlier that you can make videos and give your thought related to the present government’s different rules, different decisions etc. 

This is not enough, you can see top level star citizen and what is their opinion? And what they are saying about the present government different decision, rules etc.

neta app

5. Give your opinion on a political party or leaders. 

About this feature, I told you earlier. Here is an option you can create videos and you can give your thought. You thought should be clear and not supported to a particular political party or leader. You thought should be knowledgeable so that others can learn something from you. 

6. Give your vote for the general election. 

Now new poll, or you can say feature arise that you can vote for the 2019 general election. You can choose your favorite party. And I want to tell you that NOTA option also available here. 

If you don’t know what is NOTA? Simply, NOTA means Non Of The Above. If you don’t like the candidates of the election, then you can vote to NOTA. 

7. Know all about political leaders

This app not only provide us the report card of political leaders. Here you can also know the personal details of political leaders also. Neta app tell you the age, education, profession, his/her income. Not only that this app will tell you assets and liabilities also.

If the political leaders have any criminal cases, this app also shows you.

8. Helpful to political party. 

This app is mainly for general people I mean voter, but it can be very helpful to political party also. A political party can take this app to see their candidates’ work. A political party can see the rating and opinion of a candidate and if the ratings and opinions are good, then it can be assumed that the candidate is popular. It is very much chances to win in the particular area. 


Neta app is amazing tool to identify our leaders’ performance and works in different areas. I told you before that not only user, it can be very helpful to political party also. It is no doubt that this app is useful for us, but it also has limitations. 

1. Location trace.

If you are thinking that this app is completely safe then my friend may be you right or wrong. Because this app will ask you to enable your GPS so that it can detect your location and constituency. GPS helps this app to find your local area MP, MLA and other party leaders.  

When you enable your GPS then your location can be tracked. 

2. This app takes your Aadhaar details.

But here is an issue, Our all personal detail includes in our Aadhaar card so, it should be very secure and this app should not use our Aadhar detail. 

3. Neta app taking your IP address, mobile unique ID etc. 

When you use the “Neta app” in your mobile device, it can use your mobile device unique ID, the IP address and other diagnostic data etc. When you visit the privacy policy page of their website, you can see this information. 

There clearly mention that “When you access the Service by or through a mobile device, this Usage Data may include information such as the type of mobile device you use, your mobile device unique ID, the IP address of your mobile device, your mobile operating system, the type of mobile Internet browser you use, unique device identifiers and other diagnostic data”.


1. Is the Neta app secure?

As I told you earlier and you know that Neta app is collecting our IP address, the unique ID of our mobile device and other diagnostic data. It also takes our Aadhaar detail so that no one can misuse this app. And this app will tell you enable your GPS to track you and find your local areal leaders. 

So, we can’t say that it is completely secure & we shouldn’t believe blindly in this app. But according to the Neta (National Electoral Transformation) app company, the user’s data are 100% secure. 

2. Why the new Neta app called Neta?

Neta app is a report card of our political leaders. Here we can analyze our leaders’ performance. The full name of this app is National Electoral Transformation App so, simply called Neta. 

3. Should we believe in Neta app to vote our leaders?

This app is good to judge a leader performance, but we shouldn’t believe blindly on it. Because a leader can create lots of accounts using too many mobile numbers and this is not a leaders’ performance survey app. We should choose our leader without believing anyone. 


“Neta app” is an amazing app to tell you the performance of a political leader. This app is based on the opinions of people. I already told you everything about the features, importance, disadvantages etc. This review article, I hope will be helpful to know lots of things about this app. If you have any question regarding this article, feel free to ask us. 

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