Momo Whatsapp Challenge Game : A Deadly Game

Momo Whatsapp Challenge Game : A Deadly Game

It is not safe to play momo whatsapp challenge game? Now lots of questions can come to your mind like why I am telling you that it is safe or not? What is in this game? and a lot. In this article I am going to tell you about the new deadly challenge game “momo”

Look guys, we all love games. If we talk about games lot of unique games available in app markets. Some of the game are not only for entertainment, but they are healthy for our brain and body also. And other site there are lots  of games available which are deadly, not suitable for us. One of those games is Blue Wheel.

Now another killer game comes named “momo”. I want to tell you that it is like Blue Wheel game. This game comes through whatsapp. Let’s know more about it.

Know Detail About The Momo Whatsapp Challenge Game

Momo Challenge is not about eating momo. This is a challenge based killer game, challenge comes through whatsapp. In this game you need to complete the challenges, but don’t think that these challenges are easy, these are deadly like Blue Wheel. You can’t find this game in any kind of app store.

Automatically a message can come to your whatsapp to play momo. And if you save this contect name momo then the game begins. If you find a message like this on your whatsapp then simply block it.

Momo is a young lady with the dim dark coloured hair, tremendous eyes, a gigantic mouth with a major grin, and she appears to just have winged animal legs. Momo is really made by a Japanese organization named Connection Processing plant and they called it “Mother Bird by Link Factory”.

I get imformation about momo from Quora, the article about what is momo challenge in social media?

momo whatsapp challenge game

A suicide case comes playing “momo”

Momo is a really deadly game. A news comes from Argentina that a little 12 years girl commits suicide by playing momo challenge game. This is not enough lot of cases like this comes in the news. So, be safe.

A Small message to our Parents

As a parent’s it is your duty to look at your son or daughter’s activity. Educate and aware them about the internet and defect part. Make sure that your child not doing any kind of wrong activity in social media and internet.

A small message to Child

Using of social media is good, it will help you to improve your knowledge but don’t use too much. According to a research 99% fake news comes through social media. At first let your parents know what you are doing on the internet. If you get any link like this on whatsapp, Facebook or other social media then don’t click them.

If you find any message on whatsapp to play momo, then simply block it, don’t reply to them.


“Momo whatsapp challenge game” is completely unsafe, it can kill you. You have to save yourself and if you are a parent, then look at your child’s activity on computer and mobile. I hope you understand about momo game. Share it with your friends and family to give knowledge on the momo challenge game.

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  1. I love momo she’s so cute and has nice body I wanna marry her someday beautiful and small noise and big eyes with a laughing mouth you can judge me am I right or not that I’m falling in love with her

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