99% Mobile Phone Blast Because Of This 5 Reason

99% Mobile Phone Blast Because Of This 5 Reason

According to a report total mobile user in the year 2018 is 4.57 Billion, world wide. Now a days mobile is too much important to communicate with others. Not only communication it also helps our daily activities. Mobile is electric device and I am telling you it is safe to use. Mobile phone blast is a very rare case but If you don’t know the reasons it can be with you.

In this article I am going to tell you about the 5 main reasons of mobile blast and what is the main science behind the mobile phone blasts? and how to safe your mobile from blasts? If you really want to safe your mobile than read this article till end.

Mobile blasts because of the battery. So, we can understand the battery blasts. Not any short circuit happens and it blasts our mobile. Not only smartphone but keypad or feature phone also blast. So, I hope you will keep in mind this article and you can safe your mobile from blasts.

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5 Reasons of Mobile Phone Blast

Mobile phone blast occurs because of the heat up of your mobile battery. So, always safe from your mobile from sunlight, fire etc. and keep mind the 5 reasons.

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1# Using of duplicate charger

When our mobile charger damage or break generally we starts to use non branded charger. And we use charger of other mobiles. I am telling you according to a research most of the mobile blasts happens because the using of duplicate or charger from other brand. It is not sure that if you use other brand charge your mobile must be blasts.

If suddenly your charger break that you can charge your mobile from power bank and laptop. But don’t buy or use any duplicate charger and charger of other brand. Buy a new charger of your brand and use it.

Some times it is seen that your mobile shop keeper changes your original charger to duplicate from our mobile box. In the case you can ‘t do anything, so you should buy a mobile from trusted store or official website of the particular mobile brands.

2# Using of duplicate and damaged battery

The main reason of mobile blasts is battery. So always remember your mobile battery should be in good condition when you use it. If your mobile is not taking charge properly and your battery is swilling from side, it is sure it can be problem with your battery.

If your battery is removable then remove it and replace it now. And if your mobile’s battery can’t be removable then go to the service center and replace it. And make sure that you are using a good quality and original battery. Don’t be lazy to replace your battery.

3# Your mobile is overcharged

This is one of the reason of mobile phone blast that we charge our mobiles more then full charge. It will not profit give you the profit but it will damage your battery. When we charge our mobiles it warms and if you keep connecting the charger after full charge, it will warm too much and your mobile can blasts.

Always remember that don’t go to sleep after giving mobiles into charge. It can be very dangerous for you. If you going to the sleep for half an hour then your can.

4# Your mobile heat up because of fire, sunlight etc.

As I told before mobile warm is a one of the reason for your mobile blasts. So, always safe your mobile from fire and and sunlight so that you mobile con’t be heat up.

I know, it is not possible to keep away your mobile always from sunlight but you can do one thing which is don’t keep your mobile in front of any glass where sunlight direct comes like the windows glass of your home.

The sunlight can warm your mobile mobile which is not safe.

5# You keeps your mobile under the pillow at the time of sleep

We generally keep our mobile below the pillow, which is not suitable for us and our mobile also. It can warm our mobile and you know that heat up of mobile one of the big reason of “mobile Phone blasts”. It is vary rare case but safety is important. So, keep your mobile away from you when you are sleeping.

Min points :

  • Using of duplicate charger and duplicate charger can be reason of “mobile phone blast”.
  • Charging for long time or charging after full charge is another reason of mobile blasts.
  • Keep away the mobile from heat.

How can you safe your mobile from blast

I told you before the reasons why a mobile can blasts. I hope you understand and you will not do the things with your phone. Now I am going to tell you the 8 important tips so that you can safe your mobile from blasts.

  • Always remember use the original charger, head phones and any other equipment to your mobile.
  • If your battery damaged then immediate replace it by going to the service center. Always use original battery.
  • Don’t go to the sleep by leaving the mobile into charge.
  • Don’t over charge your mobile.
  • Don’t keep your mobile below the pillow at the time of sleep.
  • Always safe your mobile from fire or any heat place.
  • If your mobile much warms at the time of charging than you should go to the service center and tell them the problem.
  • Always read the user guides before use the mobile.


Mobile blasts is a very rare case, mobile is very safe to use. But it blasts occurs then it can take your life also so, you should safe your mobile and always keep in mind this things so that you can avoid your mobile from blast. I told you the 5 reasons of “mobile phone blast” and 8 tips how can you safe your mobile from blasts.

If you want to safe life of others then you can share it. And let him know the reasons and how they can safe their mobiles.

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