5 Reasons Why Should You Play Lumosity Games?

5 Reasons Why Should You Play Lumosity Games?

This article will be about Lumosity games. Will your believe me if I say you can improve your memory, concentration power, decision making skill by just playing a game. Yes. you can with the help of lumsity. In this article I am going to tell you why should your play this? What are it’s benefits?and lot of things so keep with this article.

Lumosity basically an brain training application consists of brain games, available not only in Android but iOS also. More then 45 puzzle games available here, these are enough to improve your memory power. Lumosity team consists of scientists, designers and more then 40 researchers world wide.

Scientists creates unique and creative task to improve our brain. This application in available in English, German, Japanese, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Korean. To use this application in one of these language you need to change the app setting.

5 Reasons Why Should You Play Lumosity Games?

Lumosity games

This is the game professional suggests to train your brain and you also should play this. Why professional suggests this and why your should play this, I am going to discuss in this article.

1# One of the best brain training game developed after lot of research.

Lumosity is a one of the best brain training game and it is developed after making lot of research by scientists and researcher. The lumosity team works with 40 researcher world wide, scientists and designer to improve this game and to make brain training friendly. As I told before this game will improve your concentration power, problem solving skill, thinking power and more.

Lumisity team all day experimenting to give a better task in this game. This game is really helpful to us because 40 university researchers and scientists researched to develop this game. So, you should play it.

2# Any one can play this.

“Lumosity games” are very attractive and comes with HD graphics. This is not a high end graphics game, you can play this in your any android and iOS phone. This brain training game is very suitable to play, not only for adults the kids can play this game. Kids can easily understand how to play this game. The gaming interface is for everyone.

But don’t be wrong by thinking this is a easy game. Yes, it can be little bit easy for your but not too much.

3# Daily brain workout game available in 5 categories

Like our body our brain needs exercise. You can take the lumosity app as a brain training doctor. Lot of brain workout game available here. You can daily practice these games as a brain workout.

Lot of games available here and the games are categorized into the 5 category. Those are Puzzle games, Memory games, Problem solving games, Logic games, Critical thinking games. You can choose the game category wise to train your brain.

4# More then 45+, enough to improve your brain

You can call the Lumosity a hut of brain games. In the Lumosity app you can enjoy more then 45 games. All games are created and designed by professionals specially for our brain. This games are enough to improve our brain. As I told before this is a hut of unique brain games. You should definitely try this if you think your brain is weak.

One more thing I want to tell you that If your are thinking this game is doctor of our brain, then you are wrong. This game can’t not give treatment your brain. This game will help you to improve your memory power.

5# You can check your memory strength, improving or not.

Lumosity has lot of features. One of them is your can check your brain strength, improving or not. If your brain power in not improving you can take action on it. Here not only Memory strength you can check your score on attention, problem solving skill, flexibility, attention, working speed.

I am playing this game, this is really helpful to us.


“Lumosity games” are one of the best and unique brain training games. But there is a disadvantages this game, it is not free, you can play three games free only but if your want to play more then 45 games you need to pay for it to buy their premium services.

I hope this article will be very helpful to you. If you find this article will helpful to others you can share it. And if you have any kind of question regarding this article then you can ask me.

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