What is Logger Buffer Size? What Is It’s Work?

What is Logger Buffer Size? What Is It’s Work?

Logger buffer size is found under the developer option of android phone, I mean it is the developer feature of android. You will see this option when you enable the developer mode of an android. Generally Developer mode is not shown on your phone. So, one question can come to your mind that how can you enable the developer option?

I am telling you that is it too easy. You just need to go to your mobile Setting and then go to the About Phone. And then you will find the option “Build Number”, click there at least four or five times. Then you will get the developer option.

Simply, Setting >> About Phone >> Build Number >> Click at least 4 to 5 times

The logger Buffer size option is very important for our android phone. In this article I will tell you everything about this Logger buffer developer option, it will be very important for you.

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What is Logger Buffer Size?

Before you know about the Logger Buffer size you should know about the buffer size. So, what is buffer size? The buffer size is related to processing speed. The buffer size is an amount of time for processing the incoming sounds. Suppose, you are recording a music or voice to your mobile. An amount of time required to receive your mobile system to process the incoming sounds or information. This amount of time is called Buffer size.

The buffer size must be in a limit because when your buffer size is too large then process speed of your microphone between sound card will be slow, you will notice at the time when you are going to record an audio in your phone.

And if your buffer size is too small then it will take a very small amount of time to process your audio or recordings. Because of the audio processing speed time is very little, it can pressure to your device and processor also. So, the buffer speed is must be in a limit.

Logger Buffer Size option is introduced to select the logger size per buffer, logger sizes are 64K, 256K, 1M, 4M, 16M.

So, what buffer size will be better for your mobile phone? By default it is selected 256K and I am telling you to leave if default. Because I told you earlier, small buffer size can pressure to your mobile and large buffer size can slow the process speed.

What Is It’s Work?

Logger Buffer Size option is seen under the developer feature of your mobile. This feature or option is introduced to customize the processing speed of your sound card to collect the voice.

If you want to customize the buffer size you can. To customize the buffer size Go to the Setting and then go to the Developer option. Then you will find the Logger Buffer Size option, click that. And at last select the size.

Simply. Setting >> Developer option >> Logger Buffer Size >> select the size 

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