Secure Internet Connection Using Kaspersky VPN (Free For Android)

Secure Internet Connection Using Kaspersky VPN (Free For Android)

Kaspersky VPN provides us free and paid both services. In this article we will learn how to use free VPN of Kaspersky, step by step. Kaspersky Secure connection VPN available for PC and android version also. And this article will be only for android user.

If we search the process of secure our internet, one of them process will be using of VPN. Virtual private server is simply called the VPN. VPN is not only helpful to secure our internet but it protects our privacy and it protects us also from cyber criminals also.

I will provide you the download link of this VPN also so that you can use by downloading from here.

How To Use Kaspersky VPN For Free On Android



aspersky is Russian anti-virus provider company and it was established in 1997. It is very reputed company in the anti-virus industry. So, without any fear  we can use their services.

If you want to use Kaspersky VPN for Free than you don’t need to register or create an account in this app, but if you want to use their paid services then you must have an account.

The complete using process of the Kaspersky secure connection VPN is given below with screen shot. So that you can understand easily.

The complete process is divided into two parts. Because I am going to tell you the process also for them who want to use a paid service.

  1. For free user.
  2. For paid user.

1. For Free User

In free “Kaspersky VPN” you will get lots of facilities. In the free version, data limit is only 200 MB/day and we can secure your applications, but we can’t select a location by our choice.

  • After install, click NEXT to give permission to access the app on your phone.

Kaspersky VPNKaspersky VPN

  • After then click Allow.

Kaspersky VPN

  • And then click Turn On option.

Kaspersky VPN

  • Then click the Kaspersky secure connection option.

Kaspersky VPN

  • And On it. By default it will be Off.

Kaspersky VPN

Note: In some mobiles you don’t need to do given above activities, then start from the process from below.

  • Kaspersky will ask you to sign up with your email. If you want to use the Kaspersky secure connection for free than you can Skip this option. Don’t need to sign up or register.
  • Then simply click the Turn On option to connect with VPN.

Kaspersky VPN

2. For paid user

To use their lot of features you must be a paid user. After registering or creating an account, you can be a paid user. The complete process I am telling you below.

  • At first, open the app and create an account by providing your email and password. The Kaspersky will send you an email. You just need to verify your account through this email. By going to the Subscription option you can create an account if you already using this app.

Kaspersky VPN

  • After that choose a plan and pay for it.
  • Then you can choose a location to connect VPN. To choose a location, click Auto option.

kaspersky vpn

  • Then connect with VPN by clicking Turn On option.

Other Features & Using Process

Kaspersky VPN has also another feature which is app secure and website secure features. Where you can secure your app. Let’s know the processes.

1# To Secure Apps

  • Simply open the app and click the three dot, shown in the right upper corner to go to the Setting.

kaspersky vpn

  • After going to the setting, click on the Apps option. And choose an app which you want to secure.

kaspersky vpn

  • Then choose When opening the app option.

kaspersky vpn

  • And select Secure the connection and click Apply.

kaspersky vpn

2# To Secure Website

  • Simply going to the setting, click the Websites option.

kaspersky vpn

  • Then click the plus (+) sign.
  • After, type the web address of the website which you want to open securely. Then choose When opening the website option.

kaspersky vpn

  • And select Secure the connection and click Apply.

Note: App security and website security features can use free and paid both users.


This Kaspersky is amazing and easy to use an it has lots of useful features. One more thing I want to tell you that if you use the free service after creating an account, you will get 300 MB/day data instant of 200 MB/day. I hope you understand how to use “Kaspersky VPN” for free on android.

If you have any problem then you can freely ask me. If you find this will be helpful to someone, then you can share it with them.

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