Is Bluestacks Safe to Use in computer?

Is Bluestacks Safe to Use in computer?

Is bluestacks safe? This question can to your mind if you want to use bluestacks or you already using this application. I am going to tell you this topic in point wise and I hope this article will be easily understandable.

Bluestacks is a very popular application, developed to the windows and mac user to use android app in windows and mac computer. Bluestacks was first developed in 2011 by Rosen Sharma, Jai Vaishnav, Suman Saraf. If you don’t have any android phone and you want to use some android application then it will be very useful to you.

I am using this bluestacks app to use some android application and android games and taste this app. This application can’t take load too much work at the same time. This application hangs too much and all kind of android application is not supported in bluestacks.

One more thing I want to tell you that you can easily use social media application like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram etc. If we use social media application one most important question come to our mind that is bluestacks safe to use? Don’t worry, I will clear your question here.

Is Bluestacks Safe to Use in Computer?

Is bluestacks safe

Don’t get confuse, I am telling you in details and you will get your answer at last. Read this article till end, it will be very useful to you.

Bluestacks is a 3rd party application. And without taking complete knowledge don’t use 3rd party app, it will be very harmful for your computer.We don’t know that your installed application can be malware based.

To confirm “is Bluestacks safe” or not? I go to the Bluestacks Priacy Policy and Term & Conditions. I read too many technical article and I find my answer.

In the Privacy policy they told that they collecting our all information, what we do in the Bluestacks. They collection our email, name, personal information, phone number etc.

After reading all privacy policy I can tell you that this is not completely safe. Now, choice is yours you can use Bluestacks or not.

My personal experience with bluestacks

I used bluestacks in my two laptops, first one is 4 GB ram and another one is 8 GB RAM. And I found this app perform almost better in 8 GB RAM laptop then the 4 GB ram laptop. But overall performance is not so good because all application is not supportable in this application.

And one more thing you need to know it hangs too much. Sometimes it perform really well but sometimes it hangs too much. Bluestacks should increase it’s performance.

My suggestion

If you want my suggestion. I will tel you that if you want to use bluestacks in 4 GB laptop then don’t use it. It takes too much space in your ram. Use this application only for general purpose like enjoy android game, to use some app which is not so important.

I am strongly tell you that don’t login your facebook, twitter or any other social media in this Bluestacks application because they collecting your personal information. And don’t use whatsapp here. One more thing I want to tell you that don’t login Bluestacks with your private email. Use any ordinary email address.


I hope you get lots of information from this article and you get the answer ‘is bluestacks safe’? I am telling you again don’t use any kind of social media in the Bluestacks. And you should read the Privacy policy because Bluestacks sometimes change their privacy policy.

If you find this article will be very helpful to someone then share it with them. If you have any kind of question relating with this article then you can ask me in comment.

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