IPPB Mobile Banking App: A Official App Of Indian Post Payment Bank

IPPB Mobile Banking App: A Official App Of Indian Post Payment Bank

IPPB Mobile Banking app is a official application of Indian Post Payment Bank. This applications was lunched in September 1, 2018. According to the PM Modi, it will play a good role to grow the cash less India. In this article I will tell you about this application. What is IPPB App? What is it’s features? etc.

Look, this the official app and it is developed by government so this is secure, free from fear to use this. To get all knowledge you should read this article till end. And at last I will give you the Download link of IPPB app.

What is IPPB Mobile Banking App?

IPPB Mobile Banking app is a official application of IPPB (Indian Post Payment Bank). India Post Payment bank is owned by the Government of India and it is operated under the Department of Posts. This banks are like other bank, they accepts deposits but they does not advance loan and issue credit card.

This bank provides ATM/debit card, online banking and fund transfer facilities also and IPPB accepts deposits up to 1 lakh for fresh account.

IPPB app was lunched with the lunching of Indian Post Payment Bank in September 1, 2018. This application help you manage your account and also create account online in post payment bank. To create an account to this app you must have an PAN card and Aadhaar card because Aadhaar and PAN number needed. You can do lot of important banking work through this app.

Why Should You Use IPPB Mobile Banking App?

This application is most important and useful to those who want to open account and how already have an account in IPPB. Through this app you can easily control your post payment bank account. Through this application you can transfer money between you won IPPB account and post office saving account to other IPPB accounts or accounts of other banks.

Not only fund transfer you can pay for your Mobile recharge, Broadband, Water, Electricity, Gas, Insurance Premium bills and DTH recharges etc. You can make payment by scanning QR code. Almost maximum work done through this app without going to the bank.

You can use in 12 languages of India along with English- Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Urdu, Gujarati, Malayalam, Kannada, Oriya, Punjabi and Assamese.

You can visit the official account of IPPB to get the other important details – www.ippbonline.com

This article is about the knowledge of “IPPB Mobile Banking App”. And I will give you the complete process how to open an account in Indian Post payment Bank in our upcoming article. So, keep with us and if this article is useful then you can share it. Feel free to ask question regarding with this app.

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