How Web Browser Works?

How Web Browser Works?

How web browser works? : Now internet takes place of our daily activity. We can say internet creates revolution on technology. Now a days we can say we can’t imagine our life without internet.

If we talk about internet we should take name of web browser. Web browser place very important role in internet. With the help of web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc. we can access our required website. After invention of web browser there are lot of invention happens like social media, different types, blogs etc. We can get lot of information from our home with the help of web browser and internet.

But did you think how web browser works? In this article I will tell you about web browser and it working process. Read this article till end, it will be very useful to you.

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How web browser works?

Before telling you the working process of web browser you should brief knowledge about the web browser, it will help you to understand easily.

Web browser is tool with the help of that we can collect information form internet. To access any website we just need a web browser. Web Browser was first invented in 1990s by Sir Tim Berners Lee. The name of the web browser was World Wide Web and it was changes with the name Nexus Browser.

Nexus was a text based web browser so general person can’t use this, you mush have a technical knowledge. But now a days technology is developed and we are using most developed web browser without any technical knowledge.

Now, with the help of web browser now we can easily access any website. A website is designed with the help of programming and markup languages like CSS, Javascript, HTML etc. and videos, images also used.

In technical term those computer from where request is send to the internet I mean from where we are searching for website through a web browser, our computers or mobile devices is called Client Computer and where website data is stored is called Server.

how web browser works

When we search a particular URL (Uniform Resource Locator) on internet through our web browser, the web browser connects to the server where the website data is stored and then the server send the data in from of HTML code. Now the web browser translates the HTML codes in the text format and we can see the clean website.

Now one question can come to our mind that how can the Web Browser know where the website data is stored? With the help of URL the web browser can know about their data stored place. One website has a particular URL and one URL can’t be used in other website.


This was brief knowledge on web browser and it’s working process. In the working process of web browser the IP address of the client computer is used also. I hope you understand how web browser works? If you have any question regarding this topic you can ask me.

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