How to Zip a Folder?

How to Zip a Folder?

Do you want to know how to zip a folder? Do you want to convert your file or folder in to zip file? If your answer is yes, then this article will be only for you.

In this article I am going to tell you the two very easy process to zip a folder or file. I am telling you the process in windows 10 but the process in another windows computer almost same.

Look, the process is very easy. Before the process I want to give you the little more knowledge on zip file. I hope you read this article till end.

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What is Zip folder or file?

Zip file is generally use the file extension. Zip is used as a base file format by many programs. The format of Zip is originally created in 1989 and it was released to the public in 14 February, 1989 by Phil Katz.

Zip is a archive file format that supports lossless data compression. A Zip file may contain one or more file or directories or may have been compressed. The Zip format permits number of compression algorithms.

What is Zip folder collection source :

I know this information is not too much but to get little more concept this information is enough. OK, now lets know how to Zip a folder?

How to Zip a Folder?

I will tell you the two methods one by one and the process step by step. So, read the whole process tell end.

1# Send to compressed (zipped) folder method

This is very easy method, in this method We will transfer our file by clicking compressed (zipped) folder. Steps are given below.

  • At first right click on the folder or file which folder you want to convert into Zip.
  • Then click on the Send to option and then click on the Compressed (zipped) Folder.

 how to zip a folder

  • After then your file will be Zipped.

 how to zip a folder

This process is too easy right? OK, now lets do the next process.

2# Add to Archive method

This process also easy. So, why we are waiting? lets do the process without wasting any time.

  • At first right click on the folder or file which  you want to convert into Zip folder.
  • Then click on the Add to Archive option.

 how to zip a folder

  • Then a window will open, on that window click on the ZIP option and then click OK.

 how to zip a folder

This process also complete. This is also so easy right? You can use one of them, which you like most.

NOTE : You find the Zip folder beside the file which which is selected to create Zip.


I hope you find the methods are so easy and you understand the process “how to Zip a folder”? At last, if you find this article is very useful then share it and if you have any question relating with this article the you can ask in comment.

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