How To Use Super VPN On Android?

How To Use Super VPN On Android?

Do you want to know how to use super VPN? If yes, then this article is only for you. Super VPN is a free and one of the amazing VPN. It is very simple to use. I am telling this process for your android mobiles.

Before I start the tutorial you should know the complete features of this VPN. It has amazing features, you can select particular locations and this VPN provides you 4 locations for free user and 6 locations for paid user. They provide paid and free both services.

If you choose their paid services the data bandwidth will be unlimited and you will experience an ad free service. I will tell you also how can you buy their paid services? So, without missing any line read the complete process step by step.

Let’s know how to use super VPN?

  • After install, simply open the app and click the  Continue option.
  • Then click the Connect option to connect with VPN.
how to use super vpn
  • To disconnect the VPN, simply click the Disconnect option. 
how to use super vpn

To connect with different location

  • Click the three dots and click the Select Location.
  • Then select the one of them and click the Connect option.

To use paid services

  • To use their paid services, you have to install VPN Payment Tool by Super VPN. 
  • Click the three buttons and then click the Buy VIP option. Then you can get the option to install VPN Payment tool.
  • Then install it, and now you can pay to use their paid services. 


I hope you understand how to use Super VPN. Super VPN is easy to use right? You can use them as free to protect your mobile internet and access any kind of website from anywhere. If you have any question regarding to this topic you can ask me. 

SuperVPN Free VPN Client
SuperVPN Free VPN Client
Developer: SuperSoftTech
Price: Free

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