How To Use Orbot On Android ?

How To Use Orbot On Android ?

Do you want to learn how to use Orbot VPN on android properly? In this tutorial the complete using process will be given with screenshot so that you can understand easily. The download link is also given at the end of the article, you can easily download from here.

How To Use Orbot On Android ?

Orbot is free proxy app to secure and encrypts your internet, no one can trace you at the time of using internet. It protects your privacy and provide you private mobile internet connection. It is developed under the Tor project for our android. Orbot use Tot to secure our internet.

If you don’t know about Tor, It is free software and open network to provide freedom and security to our work on internet. Using Tor browser we can access any kind of website and we can securely do any work on internet without any fear of hacking and tracking etc.

The complete using process is given below :

  • After installing simply open it and click the START option or On the VPN Mode to connect with VPN.

how to use Orbot

  • To disconnect the VPN simply click the STOP option.

how to use Orbot

Other Features & Using Process

It has other features also like Bridge VPN etc. Let’s know how to use them.

1# Select Particular Location

This is a amazing feature of this app. You can use VPN of a particular location. This app has 24 location, you can select one of them.

  • Click on the Global (Auto) option to select a location and than click START option to use VPN of the particular location.

how to use Orbot

2# Bridge VPN

VPN Bridge feature also available in this app. By doing very simple process you can experience Bridge VPN.

  • On the Use Bridge option and than click the START option to use Bridge VPN.

how to use Orbot

3# Use App in VPN Mode

Using this app you can secure your all mobile application and you can open an app in VPN mode so that no one can track you and know you information.

  • Click the setting icon beside the VPN Disabled option and than select the apps which you want to use in VPN mode.

how to use Orbot

  • Than go back and click START to open the app in VPN Mode.

how to use Orbot


This is the mostly use free VPN and I am also used. It is the one of the free secure VPN, if you want to use free VPN you should try. I hope you understand the process “how to use Orbot VPN on android. If you have any question regarding this topic you can freely ask me.

Orbot: Proxy with Tor
Orbot: Proxy with Tor
Developer: The Tor Project
Price: Free

Visit the official website of Tor 

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