How to save Android Phone Battery life.

How to save Android Phone Battery life.

I know your android smartphone battery is not giving best performance as you want. And you are searching the best methods and tips how to save android phone battery life. So friends, you are in the right place in this article I am going to tell you the best tips and my personal method which I use to save my smartphone battery.

Look, saving of smartphone battery charge is not tricky it is so simple. So friends, just follow this 11 tips below where I am telling you how to save android phone battery life.

When we are using features phone, we can easily spend 5 or 6 days after charging one time. But now time is changed, it is the time of Smartphone. In Smartphone we use lots of features, sensor and many powerful hardware in mobile so, Smartphone requires lots of energy.

Almost 60% Smartphone user faces the battery problem. They charge his battery almost 2 or 3 times in a day and too many people carrying power bank which is a problem. So I am writing this article to help you.

how to save Android Phone Battery

Why we should save our smartphone’s battery life?

There are too many reasons to save our phone’s battery life. There are not specific reason and the reasons is different for different people.

  • To run my mobile at too much time, which we want: This is the main reason to save our battery life. If we want to run our mobile too much time, which we want we should save our battery life.
  • If you are in danger place: If you are in danger place where no one is surviving and you are alone. In this situation you if your mobile has a network you can call someone and save yourself.
  • If you feel boring: If you are feeling boring your mobile can be your friend. You can play games and spent too much time with your mobile.
  • If you are a businessman: If you are a businessman and your phone is most important to deal with someone then you must on your mobile phone so that people or your client can connect with you.

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How to save Android Phone Battery life

1# Uninstall the background running application

We always want to keep safe our mobile so, we use too many apps like cleaner, antivirus, battery saver etc. which are background app. Did you know these apps are harmful for your mobile? These are consumes lot of energy and these apps can be malware. So, friends uninstall the apps which can run in the background. And I want to tell you that Android does not need any antivirus.

2# Off the Data Connection, Wifi, Bluetooth when it is not required

Keep off the data connection, Wifi, Bluetooth when it is not required if you want to save your charge this ticks is most important. If you look at your phone you can watch that when data connection is on, or if we are using Wifi, Bluetooth our mobile consumes too many charges because at these times many sensors is used. So, keep your connections off so that you can save your charge.

3# Keep your mobile brightness low.                     

Brightness plays an important role in mobile charge. Adjust your mobile brightness in your hand and friends do not use auto mode. When you select auto mode to adjust the brightness, sensors are used and it consumes charge and high brightness consume too much energy from our mobile. So, friends keep your brightness at a level where we can easily use our mobile, not so high and not so low.

4# Do not use live wallpaper

This topic is most important on “how to save android phone battery”.  Using of live wallpaper is like watching of videos. Live wallpaper looks pretty, but it is not healthy for your mobile. It consumes too much energy. Instead of using live wallpaper use black wallpaper if you can, It is so good for your mobile.

5# Keep off the external sound and touch, sound which is not required.

Did you know that vibration, touch, sound is not healthy for in case of energy consuming. Touch sound feels us happiness, but is consumes energy because the sensor and hardware is used here. So, friends keep off your touch, sound or any external sound to save the little more charge.

6# Replace your battery, your phone battery may be damage

Before you try the all tips written above make sure that your phone battery is healthy. If your battery is not charging and your mobile is consuming lots of charge, one reason is your damaged battery. So, friends at first make sure that your battery safe of damaged.

7# Disable GPS

In Google and any other application like this GPS is used. Did you know people can trace easily when your GPS is on. Like mobile data connection, Bluetooth etc. GPS also consumes lot of energy. SO, keep off your GPS after using it and save you charge.

8# Turn on battery saving features on your phone

Battery save mode is not available for all Smartphone. If your mobile have then you can use. It is very helpful to save our mobile battery. Do not use any battery saver because it can damage your mobile software. If you do not have battery saving option, then you can follow the options, given above. 

9# Keep off automatic app update on play store

Auto app update is helpful for user because you do not need to select the particular app and go to update it. But auto app update will update your app without your permission this is the reason it consumes more energy. Suppose your mobile have 15% charge, your internet connection also on and you forget to look at mobile, You were doing an important job. At the same time app store shows to update 5 apps which are 100MB and your data connection have not enough speed to download quickly. It takes lots of time and it consumes more charge. So, friends I tell you to go to the app store and keep off the auto update of apps.

10# Keep your mobile sleep mode in low level

Second last and very useful tips is to set a time just 15 to 20 seconds, which after your mobile will go to sleep mode so that after using mobile it cannot on too many times. This is the last process and very important tips to save the mobile charge.

11# Don’t play too much game in your smartphone

This is the last but so important tips on how to save android phone battery. You know that too much gaming is so harmful to your mobile phone so I recommend you don’t play too much game in your smartphone.


I have told you before”how to save Android phone battery“life. These tips are so amazing and my personal tips to save a smartphone battery life. I hope you will try this 11 tips and find amazing result. One more thing I want to tell you that if you are connecting your mobile with charging almost every time in a day, your battery will be damage.  

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