How To Enable Dark Mode On Google Chrome?

How To Enable Dark Mode On Google Chrome?

The dark mode feature on Chrome Mac version is available now, It is not available for Android and Windows version. In this article I am going to tell you how to enable dark mode on google chrome? According to the Google Chrome it will come soon on other operating system. We came to know about it from the official Twitter account of Google Chrome.  

Why Dark Mode Is Important?

Before I tell you the complete process you should know why dark mode is important for us? How much it helps us? 

  • It looks so pretty at night, when we work on a computer or mobile. 
  • Dark mode protects our eyes from blue ray, produces from the screen of computer or mobile. 
  • It is most important for a workman who work lots of time on a computer or mobile. 

How To Enable Dark Mode On Google Chrome (Mac version)?

Dark mode is available on Chrome 73. If you are using it, then very good, if you are not using it then very fast update your browser. Because without update you can’t get the features. 

  • On your Mac click the Apple icon, shown in the corner and then open system preferences.
  • Then go to the general option.  
  • Open the Appearance and select Dark.
  • Now open the Google Chrome, you will experience dark mode feature. 


I hope you understand the complete process on how to enable dark mode on Google Chrome? Now you can browse in dark mode. Most important update for all of you, when this feature comes on other operating system you can know from here and I will tell you the enable process also. So, please stay tuned with us. 

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