How to Add Extension in Google Chrome Android?

How to Add Extension in Google Chrome Android?

Let’s know how to add extension in Google chrome android? It is very easy to add extension to a Google chrome in desktop version. But this article is different form them, here we will add some important extension in the android Google chrome.

Google chrome is a most popular android browser, developed by Google. Google chrome also has lot of features, adding extension is one of them.

Adding extension is not a big task it is too simple and easy. You need to follow the given below steps one by one. I am providing picture so that you can understand easily and perfectly.

How to Add Extension in Google Chrome Android?

Read this steps and one by one and implement it now. I am not using any kind of hacking software or any other. I am using an android application, easily available in play store. I will provide you the download link. And If you don’t understand then see the pictures.

1) First go the Google play store and download the Yandex Browser application to add extension in play store. You can download the app form the link, given below.

Yandex Browser with Protect
Yandex Browser with Protect
Developer: Яндекс
Price: Free

2) After installation, simply open it and go to the search bar and search Chrome Web Store. 

3) Click the result, which you find first.

how to add extension in Google chrome android

4) Search the extension, which you want to add and simply click there. Then you will find the option ADD TO CHROME, simply click there. When download is completed, the extension will be added automatically. Now your process is completed. You can enjoy amazing extension in Google chrome.

how to add extension in Google chrome android

Is Yandex is safe to use?

I am using this from too many days and I found this application is safe but my suggestion is that don’t login any social media here and don’t login gmail also here. We don’t know that your data can be publish. So, be safe yourself and safe your privacy.

One important think I want to tell you that you can’t get experience like desktop’s chrome browser. And I found it works slowly. My experience with this application is not so good.


This is the only one and easy method to add extension in chrome. I hope you understand “how to add extension in Google chrome android”? If you have any question regarding this topic then you can freely ask me.

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