How File Sharing App Works? (Xender, Shareit etc.)

How File Sharing App Works? (Xender, Shareit etc.)

When we used Java or Keypad mobiles, bluetooth was the only option to share our files. But now a days technology is developed, we use lot of file sharing application like Xender and Shareit etc. This applications are very fast to share files then Bluetooth. It takes a little time to share our large size files. Did you think how file sharing app works? What technology is used here?

In this article I am going to tell you how File sharing app like Shareit, Xender works? This article will be very useful to you.

How file sharing app works?

how file sharing app works

Bluetooth was the first technology to share our files wirelessly. But it is too slow to share large size files. So, we developed files sharing application like Xender, Shareit, AirDroid etc. to share our file fast. In these applications one technology is used called Wi-Fi direct. 

Wi-fi direct is a almost same like a wifi technology. It connects one device to another wirelessly without a router. Wi-Fi direct allows two device to established the connection between them. The connection process is almost like the connection of internet. Here one device works as a server and another as a client (Server device are those who sends the files and client device are those who receive the files).

When we tab the “send” button to send files the Wi-fi direct creates a link to connect the client device and the client device detects the link and the access point. Their frequency will be very narrow. You noticed that when you sharing your files you can’t maintain too much distance between the device you connected. Now, one question can come to your mind that what is Wi-Fi direct? Let’s know.

What is Wi-Fi Direct?

Wi-Fi Direct is new technology also called Wi-Fi P2P (Peer to Peer). This is wireless connection technology used in many devices and also applications to share our files without internet. Wi-Fi direct is easy to connect and it is very fast to share our files, photos, videos etc. Simply, Wi-Fi direct is a file sharing technology which connect the two or more device together.

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