What is Google TalkBack app ? Uses of Google TalkBack

What is Google TalkBack app ? Uses of Google TalkBack

If you are an Android user, you definitely find the TalkBack option on your phone’s setting. This is generally called Google TalkBack app  because it is developed by Google. Generally Google TalkBack app is not for us. One question can come to your mind so why mobile company and Google provide this app to us?

If you don’t know about Google TalkBack and its uses then this article will help you a lot. In this article I am going to cover the different question regarding Google TalkBack. I am going to clear all the confusion related to the Google TalkBack app.

For android used this article is very knowledgeable and helpful. So, friends keep reading this article till end.

 Google TalkBack app

Topic of this article

  • What is Google Talkback?
  • Uses Of Google TalkBack? 
  • How to enable and disable TalkBack ?
  • Is Google TalkBack important for us?

What is Google TalkBack?

TalkBack is an application developed by Google and it is also a feature of android phone. Google TalkBack is not for us or general people it is developed for blind people and those people who can’t watch properly.  TalkBack gives instruction to blind people how to run a mobile and use its feature step by step. This is an amazing application and feature by Google, where a blind person can easily run a mobile without getting help from others. This main point of view of this application is to help blind people.

After activating this feature you need to tap the screen two times to open an application and TalkBack will tell you what application you are opening and what you are doing now on your mobile screen. This feature will tell you all those things, now what is happening on your mobile.

If your mobile has no TalkBack feature or application you can download it from Google I am providing you the download link.

Android Accessibility Suite
Android Accessibility Suite
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Uses of TalkBack

We already know that TalkBack is a feature and also an application developed by Google. The uses of this app are only for blind user or those phone users who can’t watch perfectly. They can use mobile phone with hearing the instruction. That means this feature will assists the persons to use their phone perfectly.

This is the main uses of this application and we can use it if we don’t know how to use and open an application which you download just.

One more thing you need to know before on the TalkBack option is when you open the TalkBack feature your mobile will work slowly.

Now I am going to tell you the steps how you can enable and disable the “Google TalkBack app” or the TalkBack feature on your mobile.

How to enable the TalkBack feature on your phone?

This is so simple to activate the TalkBack feature on your mobile phone. I will tell you the steps below just follow the steps.

  • At first, open your mobile phone and go to your mobile’s “Setting” option and then go to the “Accessibility” option.
Google TalkBack app
  • Then you will find the “TalkBack” option on the top or anywhere, click there.
 Google TalkBack app
  • Then ON the option and click “OK”. 
 Google TalkBack app
  • You will find “Setting” option after clicking “TalkBack”. By going to this you can adjust Speech Volume, Keyboard echo etc.
Google TalkBack app

How to disable TalkBack feature?

  • To disable the TalkBack, you need to just press the volume up and volume down key together. You activate TalkBack will be deactivated.
Google TalkBack app

I saw in some mobile this deactivation tip doesn’t work, then you can disable the TalkBack feature by going to the Setting > Accessibility > TalkBack > Click OFF button, which is ON now > OK.

Why Google TalkBack is most important for us?

The Answer of this question is Answer or No together. You already know about this feature, now it is depends on you. I am suggesting you if you have an eye problem and you can’t watch perfectly then you can use it. And your family has a blind person then she/he can use the feature.

One thing I want to tell you that after open this the mobile will work slowly, which I am told you before so, you can feel bore. Now, it is completely depends on you if you want, you can activate this feature.


Google TalkBack app or feature is very good feature for blind people. This app is developed so that a blind person can use mobile.

At last If you really find this article very helpful or if you have any question regarding this article you can question us to comment.

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