Google Images New Search Updates

Google Images New Search Updates

We got a new and important update from Google Images. Google generally makes changes to their algorithm to give a better experience to it’s user. Now Google is going to change their Image search.

Google said that this update will be helpful to the publishers to track the images. According the the Google, “We went you to be prepared to be changes”. And they told that they will make make changes in few month. But Google didn’t tel us the clear date, when they going to make changes.

Google Images New Search Updates

Let’s know, what Google abjectly going to do with the Google Images. According to the source we knew that Google has announced to make change to referrer URL sent by the Images search on Google. Referrer URL is a way to track the source of traffic, I mean from where the traffic is coming from and sources of the click of a website. This is the big announcement of Google.

Basically this update is only for the Google search engine. According to the Google this updated will be very helpful to the those who built custom analytics.

If you don’t know the what is URL? I am telling you. The full meaning of URL is Uniform Resource Locator. It is the part of HTTP header. Basically URL is a address of a website. URL is a combination of protocol (http) and hostname (

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I hope we will get better experience with Google after updating this Google image search. And I hope Google will update this soon.

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