Use FM Radio Without Headphones, 5 Proven Techniques

Use FM Radio Without Headphones, 5 Proven Techniques

“FM radio without headphones” possible or not? Yes I am telling you, it is really possible. In this tutorial I am going to tell you the techniques how you can listen your favorite FM radio channel without using headphones? I am also provide you the picture so that you can  understand easily.

If we talk about the FM radio, it requires an antenna. Here two antenna is used, first one is signal sender and another one is signal receiver. Signal receiver antenna is used in our device. The transmitter of radio station converts sounds into a electrical energy and send through a antenna in from of radio waves, called sender antenna. The another antenna, called receiver antenna receives the radio waves.

If we use a simple radio there is a antenna but if we listen FM in our mobile phone then there is no any receiver antenna. So, we use headphones as a receiver antenna. Now technology is developed, we can listen our favorite FM radio channel in our mobile without using any headphone.

I am going to tell you the 5 techniques, which I already used to listen FM channels. Let’s know what are the techniques are.

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Use FM Radio Without Headphones

In this tutorial I am going to use application and other equipment, which are easily available in our home also. So, follow this tips one by one and read this article till end to understand easily and perfectly.

1) First Techniques: Using Safety pin

FM radio without headphones

In this we just need a Safety pin to Listen FM radio without headphones. You can use another equipment line pin, but in this case Septic pin is better because it will not create scratch on the headphone jack. Here I am going to put the Septic pin into the headphone jack. How to do this?, follow the given below steps.

  • At first take a Safety pin and press it into sides so that it can easily fit to your mobile headphone jack.
  • Then take your mobile phone and put it into your mobile’s headphone jack.
  • And then open FM radio of your mobile and set a channel.

Now you can listen your favorite channel easily by using this process. I hope this techniques will be very useful to you.

2) Second Techniques: Using Sound About app

In this techniques I am using an application named Sound About. Don’t worry the download link is given below. This application is not too much tricky it is  easy to use. I will tell you the using complete process below.

  • After install this application simply open it and then click OK the notification.
  • After opening, simply go to the Media audio option.

FM radio without headphones

  • Then select the Wired Headphones option.

FM radio without headphones

OK, done. Now go to your FM radio app and simply run it. It will definitely work. I want to tell you one more thing that there is a premium version also available here, If you want you can try it. But free version also very good.

Price: Free

3) Third Techniques: Using Aluminium Paper

FM radio without headphones

This process also so easy. This is like first process you almost learned before. Here you just need a small piece of Aluminum paper and you need to put it in the headphone jack.

  • Take a small piece of paper and fold it so that it can easily fit to the hole of the headphone jack.
  • Then put it into the hole of your headphone jack.

Here this aluminium paper will work as a signal receiver antenna. This techniques also works nicely but I see a problem here that if doesn’t work properly in all mobiles. So, I do not prefer this techniques.

4) Forth Techniques: Using Safety pin and Sound About app

This is the best and my favorite techniques to listen FM radio without headphones. In this techniques I am going to use a Safety Pin and the Sound About application. If you want you can download this application, the play store link is given before. Don’t think that this process is difficult, it is easy.

  • At first take a Safety pin and press it into sides so that it can easily fit to your mobile headphone jack.
  • Then put it into your mobile’s headphone jack.
  • And the go to the Sound about application and simply open it.
  • Then find the Media audio option and simply click it.
  • Then select the Wired Headphones option.

Now go to the radio application and open it, I am telling you that this techniques will work properly. This techniques will work if you have an android phone because the sound about application is only available for android mobile. I hope in this tutorial don’t need picture because this is related with techniques one and two.

5) Fifth Techniques: Using internet

FM radio without headphones

This techniques is basic and so simple. In this techniques I am going to tell you the internet process. How can you listen FM using internet. Here you just need to go to your mobile browser and search the FM channel, which you want to listen.

Example, If you want to listen Radio Mirchi 93.5 FM then simply search “listen Radio Mirchi 93.5 FM”. Then click the website, you will find first. Using this techniques you can listen your favorite radio channel easily. If you want you can use this techniques.

Or you can directly listen any FM radio by visiting to the website:


All the techniques are useful and works nicely. I want to tell you that the first and third techniques are for both android and java mobiles but other techniques are for android and iphone also. The Septic pin and aluminium paper techniques are doesn’t work properly in some mobiles.

I am using android mobile and if you ask what is my favorite techniques, I will suggest you to use fifth and forth techniques because these are best according to me. So, you should definitely try this techniques.

At last I hope you understand how you can listen “FM radio without headphones”. If you find this article will be very helpful then you can share it to other. If you any kind of question regarding this topic then you can freely ask me.

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