Download Solo VPN & Use It Now On Android

Download Solo VPN & Use It Now On Android

Download Solo VPN now and use it to secure your internet. This VPN is completely free, don’t need to pay for it. In this article I will tell you how to use Solo VPN. This article will be only for Android users. 

I also provide you the download link so that you can download the Solo VPN app directly from here. 

Before I tell you the complete using process of Solo VPN, you should know about this app and its features. Solo VPN is a free VPN app, you can use it when your mobile has Android version 4.0.3 and up.

This VPN comes with a simple interface. It has a location selection feature, you can select a particular location server. It has total 35 locations. And data bandwidth is Unlimited.

Download Solo VPN & Using Process

As I told you before this using process will be for Android users. I also am providing you the screenshots so that you can understand properly. A download link is given at the end of the article. 

  • After install, simply open the App and click the Connect option to connect with VPN.
download solo vpn

To Select a Particular Location

  • After open the app, click AUTO option.
download solo vpn
  • And you will see the 35 different location server, select one of them.
download solo vpn


I hope you will download Solo VPN and use it to improve your internet security. And I hope you can understand how to use this VPN. If you have any question regarding this article you can free ask us. 

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