How To Use And Download Secure VPN App Properly?

How To Use And Download Secure VPN App Properly?

Immediate download Secure VPN app and use it to secure your internet. It is completely free to use. You will not find any difficulty if you follow the steps I am going to tell you in this article.

The download link also given so that you can download the Secure VPN free app directly from here.

Before we start you should know about the VPN. Secure VPN comes with a simple interface where you can select a particular country to connect with VPN. This VPN has 8 different locations and bandwidth is unlimited.

Your mobile has Android version 4.0.3 and up to use this app.

How To Use And Download Secure VPN?

The complete using process of Secure VPN is given below. You have to follow the steps one by one. This tutorial will be only for Android user. I am providing picture also so that you can understand properly.

  • After install, simply open this app and click the CONNECT option to connect with VPN.
download secure vpn

To connect with particular location’s server

  • Click the right up corner, shown in the picture below.
download secure vpn
  • Then you will see the 8 different locations, click one of them which you want to connect.

To disconnect the VPN

  • Simply click the CONNECTED option to disconnect the VPN.
download secure vpn


This is one of the best VPN app. I hope you understand how to use and download Secure VPN app on your android. If you have any question regarding this article you can freely ask us.   

Visit Official Website Of Secure VPN

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