Check Windows 10 product key on your PC.

Check Windows 10 product key on your PC.

Do you want to check windows 10 product key in simple way? This article will tell you the 3 simple method step by step to find product key.

You know that product key plays very important role in any software. At the time of instillation or activate any operating system and software product is needed. In this article I am going to tell you about Product Key and the easy process to find product key in your computer.

Before I start to tell you the process to check windows 10 product key,  you must should know what is product key ? Which will help you to get more extra knowledge.

What is product key?

Product is a unique identity of a software which is required at the time of instillation the software or operating system also. Product key is a alphabetic code which help to know the software is original and this software is purchased legally. It is 25 word long.

One product key is generally used one time. Product key is like a password of operating system and software, it is also known as license key, software key, license etc.

Check windows 10 product key on your PC

I am going to tell you the 3 easy process to check the product key in windows 10/8/7. Just follow the steps one by one. This article will help you to learn lots of things.

1# By using Windows PowerShell.

This process is quite hard because in this process you need to apply command to find the product key. But don’t worry I will tell you in simple way.

  • Right Click on the Windows logo in shown in the left down corner in your windows 10 computer or laptop and then click on the Windows PowerShell (Admin). 

check windows 10 product key

  • Then a popup of Windows PowerShell will open in front of you, there click Yes. Then a Windows PowerShell dashboard will open in front of you. You need to just copy the command shown below and paste it on the dashboard.

powershell “(Get-WmiObject -query ‘select * from SoftwareLicensingService’).OA3xOriginalProductKey”

 check windows 10 product key

  • After the pasting the commands press enter, your product key will be shown in the command box .

 check windows 10 product key

The first process is complete, now I am going to tell you the next process which is too easy to check windows 10 product key. In the second process you need download a tool.

2# By using ProduKey tool.

  • At first you need to download the ProduKey tool. I am providing you the downloading link below. Download the ProduKey tool in Zip file.

 Download ProduKey form here

  • Then simply open the zip file of Produkey. Then simple double click on the PrduKey.exe file. The product key of you computer will be shown.

check windows 10 product key

check windows 10 product key

Now I am going to tell you the third process which is also so simple like second process. The last process to check windows 10 product key also need to download a tool.

3# By using Windows OEM Product Key Tool.

  • Simply download the tool form given below link or you can download by going the website You need place you name and you email ID to download this tool.

Download Windows OEM Product Key Tool from here

Windows OEM Product Key Tool

  • After download this tool, just open it.
  • Then a popup will shown in front of you, just click Yes.
  • Then you Product Key will be shown.

Windows OEM Product Key Tool

The all process is done. Now you can you any process which you want. After reading a question can come to you mind regarding security of your computer.

Is all of these tools are safe to download or use?

I wan to tell you simply that yes, these tools are safe to use and download because I am also used these tools and I don’t find any problem in my computer.

After using loot of tools I find these tools are really work well. And these tools are safe to use. you can use without any fare.

My Suggestion

This tips works in any version of windows computer. But first tool is works on in windows 10 and 8. My suggestion is that if you are using windows 10 or 8 then you should use first method because in first method no need to download any tool or software.

If you find problem to use first method then you can use any method from second and third, which you find easy.

If you are using windows 7 or any lower version, you can use second or 3 rd method. And after finding the product key copy it and save.


After using lot of method I find these methods are easy and safe. I hope you like these tips to“check windows 10 product key”. These tips also applicable to all windows computer.

I hope you find this article useful and helpful. If you have any question regarding this article you can freely comment.

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