Change Gmail password on computer

Change Gmail password on computer

Sometimes we make mistakes by login our Gmail account to another device. In this case we need to change our Gmail password for our safety purpose and also too many reasons you need to change your gmail password. You can easily change Gmail password on computer or mobile. Changing of Gmail password is not a complicated task, It is so easy. In this article I am going to tell you how you can easily “change Gmail password on computer”.

How to choose a strong password?

Before telling the steps of changing Gmail password, I want to give you a suggestion. You should change your Gmail password in a month or in a week because of some security purpose.

One more thing I want to tell you that if Gmail password is so simple like 12345678 or you name and anything, change it immediately because this type password can be hacked easily.

I will tell you what types of password you can use. If you chose the password is ABCD then you can add some special character like @# and your password will be ABCD@#123. Use these types of password.

5 Easy steps to change Gmail password on computer

  • Sign in your Gmail accounts on any web browser. 
  • Click on down arrow button showing in the corner of the page, then click settings under multiple options.
change Gmail password on computer
  • Then click on Accounts and Import.
  • After that click on Change password option (Don’t miss one step, follow the steps one by one to ‘change Gmail password on computer’).
change Gmail password on computer
  • Then enter your current password and click Next.
change Gmail password on computer
  • Then type your new password which you want to use on new password option and Confirm new password option and click Change Password.
change Gmail password on computer

The process to”change Gmail password on computer“is complete. Now you will need to re login the accounts which are linked with this Gmail.


It keeps your mind that creates passwords from your mind, don’t use any types of password generator. And you should on two step authentication on your Gmail account.

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