Android Message App New Update: Dark Mode & Google’s Material Theme

Android Message App New Update: Dark Mode & Google’s Material Theme

Android updates their apps and improve them with new features. Now Android Updates Android message App with two new features. This features are really amazing and give you better experience at the time of message. This two features are Dark mode feature and Material Theme Element. Let’s know more about this updates and how it can useful for us.

Dark Mode Update

Dark mode of android message app will give a better text experience. It helps readers to read the message in low light or night. It also healthy to our eye, I mean it will work as an eye protector application. You can on and off this dark mode by going to the setting of the message app. If you on this dark mode your messaging interface will be black.

Google’s Material Theme Update

Android message app comes with another update called Material Theme Element update. This update also give better experience to the user. After this feature you will get a completely white background in message. The interface also changed, it replace the “+” button to the “Start Chat” button and the text gets replaced with new messages icon.

This was the quick news of Android message application. You will get this feature when you update message app of android. You can simply update it from google play store.

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