4 Professional Methods To Access Blocked Website Easily

4 Professional Methods To Access Blocked Website Easily

If you want to access blocked website of any country from anywhere in this earth, this article will be for you. There are lots of reasons to block a website by the government of a country. Not only government our ISP (internet Service Provider) also can block some website for different reasons.

There are lots of difficult methods to unblock website or enter the blocked website by the ISP or government etc. but I will introduce you the 3 easy and pro methods to unblock the blocked site.

4 Methods To Access Blocked Website

Before we start you should know in brief, how the web browser works? Or how we can access the website after searching on the web browser.

When we search any website in any internet connection, at first it will go to our local Internet Service Provider than it connects to the those servers where the website data is hosted. It all works done through the IP address of the particular computer from where the website is searched. After than the hosting server will send an HTML based file to the IP address. At last the web browser will translate the HTML based files and we can see the website.

This was the brief information on web browser workings. If you want to know more you can Read our article on the working of the browser.

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Method 1: Using A Proxy Website

access blocked website

Proxy websites are those sites where you can unblock a blocked website. You need to enter the website URL of the blocked website and need to click the search option then the website will be open. Example, Facebook is blocked in China but you can open the Facebook from a proxy site.

I will also provide you the two proxy website below and tell you the complete process.

Proxy Websites

How to use?

  • Open a website one of them or you can use other website, also all works same.
  • After visiting the website, you get a place to put the website URL.
  • Put the blocked website URL and click the search option. The website will be open.
  • If you getting confuses, see the picture above.

Method 2: Using VPN

access blocked website

The full form of VPN is a virtual private network. You can say this is a private network, which protects your computer from any kind of data hacking and data thief. VPN secures your internet and protect your information like IP address etc.

Using VPN you can “access blocked website” easily. Free and premium version VPN available, Free versions are also working really well. I will tell you how to enter blocked website using VPN? I am going to use the free version and I also give you the download link below. A VPN can little bit slow your internet speed.

I am using Protect Free VPN you can use other, processes are almost same.

VPN download link

Onavo Protect, from Facebook
Onavo Protect, from Facebook
Developer: Onavo
Price: Free

How to use?

  • Simply download and open it.
  • Than accept their Term and Condition.
  • At last click Turn Protection On. 
access blocked website
  • Now you process is completed, the VPN is on. Go to your browser and search the website which you want to access.

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Method 3: Using Tor Browser

access blocked website

Tor Browser is also called onion browser. This browser is very secure. To do lots of security activity the Tor Browser is used. If you use Tor Browser any hacker can not hack your any data and no one can track you. I mean you are completely secure. The hacker also uses this browser so that he can secure.

This browser is like simple browser and using of Tor is completely legal. Tor browser is available for Windows, Mac, Android, IOS also. I will provide you the download link below. No changes required on your computer to use this browser, after install, simply open it and search the URL. And this is the easiest way to access blocked website.

Download Tor Browser From Here

Method 4: Changing DNS

Full name of the DNS is a Domain Name Server. This is an another method to enter the blocked website. In this method we have to change the we have to replace the DNS with public DNS by going to your computer network setting. This method also helpful to improve your internet speed.

If you can’t access a website because of the DNS server then this method will be helpful to you. This process is little bit difficult, but I told you the complete process in an easy way.

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These four methods are the easiest way to “access blocked website”. If you ask me which are the best of them than I prefer the using Tor browser and using Proxy Website. If you have any kind of question regarding this topic than you can ask us freely.

And don’t forget to share it because always remembers “sharing of knowledge is earning of knowledge”.

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