Know about Network Computer

Know about Network Computer

In this article you are going to learn about a computer which we can’t consider as our daily life’s desktop or laptop computer. In this article I am going to introduce you About network computer. Network computer is an entertainment device of our life, but it is not a desktop or laptop which we use for our daily important work.

I am going to tell you about network computer before that I want to give you a little more knowledge of computer history.

about Network Computer

Know about Network Computer

The Computer is changing our life quickly. It will not be false if I say 80% of people in the world are related to computer. Computer technology is increasing day by day. You know that the first computer is invented by Charles Babbage in 1822. We can’t compare our generation computer with computers in 1822.

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We can classify a computer on the basis of processing power, storing capabilities and size into four categories.

  • Mainframe Computer.
  • Mini Computer.
  • Micro Computer.   
  • Super Computer.

Network Computer is included under the category of microcomputer. Network Computers are also version of personal computers having less processing power, memory and storage. These are specially designed as terminals for network environment. Some types of network computer have no storage.

The network computers are designed for network, Internet or Intranet data entry or to access data on the network. The network computers depend upon the network’s server for data storage and to use software. These computers also use the network’s server to perform some processing tasks.

In the mid – 1990’s the concept about network computers became popular among some PC manufacturer. As a result, several variations of the network computer quickly became available. In business, Variation of the network computers is windows terminals, Net PCs and disk less workstation. Some network computers are designed to access only the internet or to an Intranet. These devices are sometimes called Internet PCs, Internet boxes etc. At home some network computers do not include monitor. These are connected to home television, which serves as the output devices.


A popular example of a home based network computer is web TV and Android TV, which enables the user to connect a television to the internet.


Network computers are cheaper to purchase and to maintain than personal computers. I hope you get lots of knowledge “about network computer”.

One more thing for your friends, I can say computer is one of my best friends. Is computer your best friend? I spend 7 to 8 hours daily in front of my computer. Friends how much time you spend with computer? You can tell me in a comment.

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