10 Most interesting facts about Google.

10 Most interesting facts about Google.

World’s largest search engine, Google is we can say 1/3 of internet. Google makes our life easier in the field of internet. Now, I am going to tell you some amazing facts about Google, which are so interesting.

Google began as a research project in 1996. The founder of Google Larry Page and Sergey Brain was Ph.D student of University of California. The name of Google originated from a misspelling of Googol represented 1 followed by one hundred zero.

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1. Did you know Google per second income is $ 2378.23 and it’s per year income is 89.5 billion dollars.

2. Since 2010, Google has been buying a new company in a week on average.

3. Google uses a tool named foo.bar to select new employees on the bases of what they search for online.

4. Only Larry & Sergey’s private plane have permission to land on NASA’s runway, where no other plane has permitted to land.

5. Google uses goats to crew away the grass in lawns. Google Don’t wants to use machines to cut grass because it can establish air pollution and noise.

6. The original name of Google is Backrub, named by founder of Google Larry & Sergey. After that Backrub changed to Google in 1997.

7. The first Google storage was built with legos.

8. Did you know Google can help you to pronounce any digit number, just type the number then type ‘= English’

9. Google wanted to sell himself to a company named excite in 1999 for $1 million, but the CEO of excited reject this offer.

10. Search on Google in every second is more than 40000, on average and yearly numbers of searches on Google is 1.2 trillion.


I hope you enjoy by reading this 10 most interesting facts about Google. You need to know the another fact that the founder of Google Larry Page and Sergey Brain has no too much knowledge on coding so, the front page of Google is blank and simple.

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