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Tips To Enable Whatsapp Message Popup Notification

Whatsapp has an amazing feature called Whatsapp message popup notification. Whatsapp is an amazing social media platform where we can contact with another by messaging, video calling and voice calling also. Not only this, we can send our important document, photos and videos also.

One more thing you should know that what are the most important feature comes with Whatsapp new version. And did you know? You can make video call and voice in group. I already wrote and article giving the full detail of Whatsapp group voice and video calling.

In this article I will tell you the complete process to enable Whatsapp message popup with picture. I hope you will understand perfectly.

what is Whatsapp Message Popup Notification?

Before I tell you the process, it is important to know what is message popup feature of Whatsapp? and why it is important?

Message popup notification is a feature of whatsapp where we can get message notification in front if mobile screen like Facebook messenger’s message notification. No matter your mobile home screen can be off or on. You can reply the message without opening the Whatsapp.

This feature can be a very helpful to you when you don’t have time to open the Whatsapp and reply the message. Here you can read the message and reply it without opening the Whatsapp.

Process to Enable Whatsapp Message Popup Notification

This process is not so heard you just follow the given below steps to enable this Whatsapp feature.

  • Simply Open your Whatsapp and go to the Setting.

Whatsapp message popup notification

  • Then click Notification option and then click on the Popup Notification. shown under the message notifications option.

Whatsapp message popup notification

  • Then click the Always Show Popup. 

Whatsapp message popup notification

  • And scroll down and you will find another Popup Notification option under the group notification, simply click there.

Whatsapp message popup notification

  • And last click the Always Show Popup. 

Whatsapp message popup notification

NOTE: If you click the option, Only when screen “on” then you get the popup notification when your mobile screen on. And it you click the option Only when screen “off”then you get the message notification when your mobile screen off. If you want you can change your popup notification tone, light etc.


I hope Whatsapp message popup notification  feature will be very useful to you. If you want to share knowledge with other you can share it and if you have any kind of question related to this topic then you can ask me.

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