what is voice over internet protocol
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What is Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)?

Before knowing about what is voice over internet protocol ? We should about IP or Internet Protocol. And did you know? You can easily know you IP address, in this article I am telling you how?

IP or Internet protocol is numerical label assigned with each device connected to computer network. There are two version available in IP address, which are IPv4 and IPv6. 

What is Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)?

what is voice over internet protocol

Here, the internet protocol (IP) is used to transmit voice as packets over an IP network. Hence, VOIP can be achieved by any data network that used IP, like Internet, Intranets and Area Network (LAN). Here, the voice signal is digitized compressed and converted to IP pockets and then transmitted over the IP network.

Signaling protocols are used to set up and tear down calls, every information required to locate users and negotiate capabilities. One to the main motivation for Internet telephony is the very low cost involved. Some other motivations are :

  • Demand for multimedia communication.
  • Demand for integration of voice and data network.

One more thing I want to tell you the process of how you can know what is your IP address?

Simply go the Google and search “My IP” then google will show you the IP address of yourself.

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